Johnson Government Must Be Brought Down – TUC Must Call General Strike!


THE capitalist system is now poised to go into its greatest ever crisis and crash because of its mountains of debt. Workers face massive joblessness, huge price increases and poverty as this crisis develops.

Today, the capitalist system’s bourgeois ideologists are saying that the UK and US bosses are faced with an inevitable war against Russia and China to maintain their domination of the worldwide crisis-ridden capitalist system.

The reality is that capitalism is reaching the end of its historic road, and can only maintain itself through military police dictatorships.

This is why the ruling class has decided that PM Johnson has had his day, and that ‘heretical’ notions of ‘levelling up’ have got to be dumped in favour of a drive to impose massive cuts in living standards to provide a good supply of near slave labour to keep the rate of profit up and the capitalist system going.

Johnson’s mistake is that he thought he could clown his way through a UK premiership with his fairy tale of being a leveller, and get away with it as he did as Mayor of London.

The problem for the ruling class is that today’s crisis of capitalism requires a colossal levelling down, getting rid of such ‘drains on profit’ as the NHS, and plunging the working class and middle class into poverty and a daily struggle for survival.

The British ruling class intends to impose a new form of dictatorial rule as the only way to keep British capitalism going.

In this return to the conditions of the early 20th century there will be no place for the NHS, and no place for ‘weakness’ such as Johnson’s massive expenditure on vaccines and furloughing.

The bourgeoisie believes that the working class will have to be made to ‘live with Covid-19’ – and much else, including a colossal fall in living standards as the ruling class battles for survival.

What is needed, as far as the bosses are concerned, is not more of the ‘Johnson show’ but a military police dictatorship at home, complementing its war preparations against Russia and China.

The ruling class is now fighting for its life, thus they have decreed that the ‘Johnson show’ with its ‘levelling up’ is over. The political situation amounts to a single issue – whether the Johnson regime will be brought down from the left or the right.

Bringing down from the left opens up the road to workers’ power through a socialist revolution. Bringing down Johnson from the right leads to a new world war and a military police dictatorship replacing bourgeois democracy.

British exceptionalism, which was based on the long gone ‘great empire’, has disappeared for ever. The message of the bourgeoisie is that the working class will have to learn to live with Covid-19, bankruptcy, rising prices and poverty, and what is required is a savage capitalist state to ensure that it does.

The joker Johnson has to go. But he must be put out by the working class. The millions of workers in the UK’s trade unions must defend their living standards and the futures of their children by mobilising for a socialist revolution.

The first thing they must do is dump the TUC leaders, and build a revolutionary leadership that will organise a general strike to smash the capitalist state and bring in a nationalised and planned economy to organise production to satisfy people’s needs, and not to make huge profits for the ruling class.

This is the only way forward. It is no accident that yesterday, midday, in the House of Commons, Labour did not call for Johnson and the Tories to resign.

Only the WRP and the Young Socialists are fighting to bring down the Tories and to carry out the British socialist revolution as the only way forward.

The ruling class already says that the working class will have to learn to live with Covid-19. No doubt they will say the same thing about mass unemployment, rising prices and imperialist wars.

We urge workers and youth to join the WRP and the Young Socialists and to build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International all over the world.

Worldwide crisis-ridden capitalism must be replaced by the victory of the world socialist revolution. There is no other way forward!