Henley New Labour Disaster – Less Votes Than The Bnp!


LABOUR’s fifth place at Henley, shamefully behind the fascist BNP, will go down in history as an example of a party being thrust into the dustbin of history after 11 years of the most treacherous betrayal of its millions of supporters.

All of the eleven years of Blair-Brown capitalist governments were dedicated to fighting and smashing the Welfare State at home, and making imperialist war on the enemies of the boss class abroad. They left a river of blood from Belgrade to Baghdad.

The Blair-Brown governments were hated because of their imperialist slaughter of the Iraqi people. Nevertheless, they held on at home through their policy of low interest rates, cheap, giveaway credit, and their urging of people to borrow, and to go into massive debt, in order to spend and keep the service industries of the UK ticking over.

Their capitalist masters are now in a desperate economic crisis, their banks are cashless, and their assets have been marked down, while the Brown government has to face the political reckoning of its policies coming crashing down.

The New Labour political soothsayers are in a desperate political crisis, which reflects the even more desperate economic crisis of their capitalist masters.

Their inflationary boom has crashed down around their ears, while they have adopted the policy that in order to rescue the banks and the bosses with tens of billions of state aid, the working class has to be forced to accept massive price rises and huge wage cuts, along with rapidly growing unemployment, the privatisation of the NHS and education, and the repossession of tens of thousands of workers’ homes.

Workers are not going to flock out to vote for such policies, and such a party, which is literally cutting their throats, and helping the historical enemy of the working class, the Tory party back into power with every action that it takes.

Already the working class is angrily demanding mass strike actions to stop the wage cutting policies of the Brown government.

Already the trade union leaders are seeking to hold back and betray this struggle.

While they warn Brown that their members will bring him down if he does not change his policies, they are planning to hand over up to £8m of their members’ money in donations to the Brown government so that it can carry on with its current policies.

Workers must demand that all financial support for the Brown government by their trade unions is halted.

They must demand mass strike actions leading to a general strike to defeat the Brown government.

Defeating the Brown government means bringing it down and replacing it with a workers government that will carry out socialist policies.

To carry out this policy the leaderships of the trade unions must be replaced. Those who will not fight must be sacked and replaced by a revolutionary leadership that will.

The massive inflation of oil, gas and food prices is a product of the growing crisis of capitalism.

To fight inflation means fighting capitalism, and not accepting massive wage cuts and starvation.

Fighting capitalism means fighting the Brown government, defeating it and keeping the Tories out by replacing them with a workers government.

Capitalism in crisis must be replaced with a nationalised and planned socialist economy producing not for profit but for people’s needs.

Only the WRP fights for this policy – Join it today.

To end the capitalist crisis –

Nationalise the banks and the major industries and jail the speculators!

Re-nationalise North Sea oil and gas!

Sack the treacherous trade union leaders!

Bring down Brown with a general strike and bring in a workers government.

End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Go forward to the British socialist revolution!