Follow the lead of US workers and youth! Force the TUC to call a general strike now to support Palestine!


FROM Los Angeles to New York, Austin to Boston, Chicago to Atlanta, American students and faculty members at major US universities have risen up in support of the Palestinian revolution, defying a police crackdown and dozens of arrests at many colleges.

Occupations in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been staged at globally renowned institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton.

Students have established their presence by erecting more tents on campuses, amplifying their message to local communities and policymakers in Washington, calling for immediate intervention to halt the war and for full support for Palestinian rights.

At City College of New York, police officers retreated from protests, to cheers from the hundreds of students gathered on the lawn on the Harlem campus.

At California State Polytechnic University in Humboldt, students have been barricaded in a campus building since Monday, with staff trying to negotiate.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces continued their intense bombardment across the Gaza Strip over the last few hours, marking the 203rd day of an ongoing genocide that has so far claimed the lives of nearly 35,000 Palestinians.

In Central Gaza, Israeli warplanes launched heavy airstrikes in the northern areas of Nusseirat and Maghazi refugee camps, as well as in the town of Al-Zawayda. Additionally, occupation forces demolished residential buildings in nearby Al-Mughraqa town.

Simultaneously, Israeli artillery shelled areas north of Beit Lahia town, and the eastern areas of the northern Gaza Strip. Furthermore, Israeli military vehicles fired live ammunition along the northern border of the Strip.

Meantime, rescue and ambulance teams continued to retrieve the bodies of martyrs from the Israeli mass graves discovered in Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Paramedics and rescue teams who participated in recovering the bodies of civilians from the mass graves uncovered in the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, have reported organ theft by the Israeli forces.

At least 392 bodies were found in three mass graves uncovered in the Nasser Medical Complex following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Khan Younis city. Among the bodies, 165 remain unidentified after their bodies were disfigured.

Paramedics and rescue teams reported that some bodies were found with their hands tied and their abdomens cut and stitched in a manner contrary to the usual wound closure techniques performed in the Gaza Strip, raising suspicions of organ theft.

A mutilated body of a little girl wearing a surgical gown was also recovered, which raises suspicions about her being buried while still alive, reported the teams. The body of another victim who was also wearing a surgical gown was found, raising similar doubts.

Other victims were found with gunshot wounds to their heads, raising suspicions that they were subjected to field executions. Meanwhile, the suffering of citizens in displacement camps in the southern Gaza Strip has worsened, amid a scorching heatwave, with warnings of a potential spread of epidemics and diseases, especially among children and women.

The Israeli genocidal war has forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of citizens from the northern and central Gaza Strip to the south, particularly to the Rafah governorate, which is now overcrowded with internally displaced persons.

In a preliminary toll, the ongoing Israeli aggression has claimed the lives of at least 34,305 Palestinians, mostly children and women, with an additional 77,293 injuries.

With Israel now poised for a military intervention into Rafah to kill and displace even more Palestinians, the time has come when workers and their trade unions, throughout the UK, must take action to give full support to Palestine and to stop the Israeli ruling class wiping out all Palestinians.

The TUC must be named and shamed, and forced into calling a general strike to stop all arms supplies to Israel, and to bring down the Tory government with a general strike that will bring in a workers government and socialism.

There must be united action by the workers of the USA, the UK and EU to bring down the capitalist ruling classes who have armed Israel, and to take all necessary action to remove the Zionist gangsters who are seeking to annihilate Palestine. We must help bring in a State of Palestine from the river to the sea, where workers of all colours and religions will be able to live side by side in peace and harmony.

Following today’s demonstration, the TUC must call a Special Congress to call a general strike to support Palestine and bring down the Tories!