Expel Hutton And Field From The Lab0Ur Party!


EX-LABOUR cabinet minister John Hutton, a 100 per cent Blairite, has joined the Tory-LibDem coalition, and been appointed by it to head a commission into public sector pensions, which the coalition has made no secret of its intention to destroy.

In fact, the Tories have made it clear that they intend to force the working class to accept ‘an age of austerity’.

They however are very conscious that they will need the help of the Labour right wing, if they are to stand a chance of forcing these already hated policies through.

Hutton has stepped forward to be their servant.

He follows another Labour Party right winger, Frank Field, who has already agreed to oversee the Tory-LibDem poverty drive.

Chancellor Osborne has already laid down the line for Hutton to follow.

He has said that the projected rise in the cost to taxpayers of public sector pensions was ‘unsustainable’ and must be tackled.

Hutton is his man. He is to do the dirty work and will come up with ‘early steps’ in September in time for the Autumn pre-Budget, to put an end to public sector pensions.

Osborne was full of praise for Hutton, declaring: ‘I am delighted that John Hutton has accepted my invitation to chair the Commission. John is an experienced public servant, who I know will bring a clear and unbiased analysis to bear on this complex and important issue.’

Hutton responded: ‘I welcome the opportunity to lead a root and branch examination of both the short-term and longer-term options for reform to public sector pensions.’

Both Field and Hutton should be immediately expelled from the Labour party, but they have not been.

The reason for this is that there are a number of Labour Party leaders, such as Mandelson, who would relish high positions in a coalition or national government to make the working class pay for the crisis, and thus win the favour of the bosses and bankers.

Even the trade unions are split over the issue of the collaborators.

While the Unison trade union said yesterday that Hutton was allowing himself to be used as a tool by the coalition to attack the working class, other unions were singing a different tune, or just keeping quiet.

The GMB union representing over 300,000 public sector workers issued a statement that ‘commented on the new Commission to look at the reform of public sector pensions to be chaired by ex-Labour Cabinet Minister John Hutton.’

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for public services, said: ‘The hysterical media attacks on public sector pensions in recent months should subside now that this independent commission has been set up’!!!

Further: ‘GMB welcomes the commitment to openness, transparency and to comprehensive evidence-based analysis. It is also helpful to see that the options for reform will be considered from the fairness and affordability aspects of public sector workers as well as taxpayers.’

It adds for good measure: ‘Not one single public sector worker caused this recession and while they will share in sensible reform they will not accept their pensions or pay being chopped to foot the bill.’

The GMB is backing the collaborator Hutton, his ‘sensible’ reforms, and through him backing the Tory ‘independent commission,’ whose job it is to savage the pensions of its members.

The GMB is giving a very clear signal that it is OK for other Labour party right wingers to follow Field and Hutton, and put themselves and their ‘independence’ at the disposal of the Tory coalition that is pledged to declare £80bn in cuts and tax rises today.

For their own security in terms of their jobs, wages and pensions, GMB members must demand that leaders who support collaboration with the Tory-led coalition resign at once.

Even the ex-Deputy PM Prescott can recognise collaboration when he sees it. Prescott writes that what the LibDems have done ‘pales into insignificance now Labour ministers have decided to collaborate with the Tories.’

The Labour Party must expel these traitors to the working class, and smoke out into the open those that intend to follow them into the Coalition.

For its part the WRP intends in the period ahead to mobilise the working class for a socialist revolution to put an end to capitalism and to go forward to socialism.