End free movement in EU urges May as Tory crisis deepens!


THE deepening worldwide capitalist crisis is driving forward revolution with seven-league boots.

The crisis is threatening a new banking and industrial crash at any moment that will make the Greek experience, and worse, the common lot of humanity as a whole. At the same time as world capitalism is on the brink, hundreds of millions of people are on the move. They have been bombed out of their homes by the attempts of the imperialist powers to re-colonise their countries to steal their resources.

Men, women and children in their tens and hundreds of thousands are determined to either cross the Med to Italy or march hundreds of miles without food and shelter from Macedonia to Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London. The thousands that have died so far in this attempt have not deterred anybody, since the hell that imperialism has created in their countries is worse.

The peoples of Libya and the Middle East are moving west and they must be welcomed by the workers of Europe! At the same time, the UK and other western ‘democracies’ are bringing in open police states, with more and more anti- union laws and more and more austerity measures that are killing people as they seek to wipe out National Health Services and Welfare States.

This developing crisis is driving the working class to the left, and splitting the Labour party, while at the same time it is driving the Tory Party to the right, in fact splitting it as some leaders feel that they have more in common with UKIP than with Cameron and Osborne. In fact, the old form of rule, the two party system of alternating Tory and Labour regimes is coming to an end. This method of rule was based on a compromise, acceptance of the Welfare State. The deepening capitalist crisis has put an end to this compromise. The question now is which class is going to rule and which class is going to go under on a world scale!

There are already semblances of the new in the UK. We have seen the Benn-type leftist Corbyn, previously a joke as far as the ruling class was concerned, raised up on the shoulders of hundreds of thousands of workers and youth, driving the Labour Party right wing to a split so that it can carry on supporting the Tories.

This is an international phenomenon. In the United States we have seen the emergence of the ‘socialist’ Bernie Saunders in the ranks of the Democratic party challenging Clinton, with the support of the unions, to be the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Also, in the UK Home Secretary Theresa May, the favourite to take over from Cameron, has now openly opposed ‘Free Movement inside the EU’, the basis of the Union, saying that EU free movement should mean the ‘freedom to move to a job’ – not to look for work or benefits. Perhaps she has already taken out a second membership card with UKIP.

May, as well, hit out at the student ‘migrants’ and said that the figures ‘clearly show that too many students are not here temporarily’. She admitted that there is not a hope of reducing migration into the UK to 100,000 a year if free movement in the EU is allowed to stay. The developing crisis is splitting both the Tories and the Labourites. Capitalism needs a new form of rule in which the mailed fist is no longer shielded by a velvet glove.

Little Englander May said: ‘We must take some big decisions, face down powerful interests and reinstate the original principle’, adding that the ‘migrant crisis’ had been ‘exacerbated by the European system of no borders’. She knows that this is not the line of the big bosses who are determined to stay in the EU. The ruling class and its political representatives are just as split as the Labour Party.

Tory lover Blair also spoke up yesterday to attack the ‘Alice in Wonderland Policies’ of reformist socialist Corbyn. Blair was consciously declaring his solidarity with the Tories knowing that Corbyn has the support of an emerging mass movement of the working class and the youth in the UK. Big business is determined to remain in the EU. A Tory party that will not support this will split and be dumped into the dustbin of history where it belongs. There it will rub noses with the Labour Party right wing, that thought that it could thumb its nose at the working class forever.

In the Autumn the big battle will begin. The Tories will be bringing in their new anti-union laws and the working class will be showing its opposition with mass revolutionary strike actions. The question of the hour is building the new revolutionary leadership of the working class to organise it to take the power and bring in socialism.

This means joining the WRP and the Young Socialists and building up parties of the Fourth International all over the world to unite the working class of Europe and America with the struggling masses of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and the workers of Russia and China to carry through the world socialist revolution and smash capitalism and imperialism worldwide!