Disband The Met Police – Get Rid Of UK Capitalism – Forward With The World Socialist Revolution!


THE latest available statistics give an indication of just how diseased the Metropolitan Police is, and just how great the need is for it to be disbanded and replaced by a workers’ militia, and socialism.

The Observer newspaper has got its hands on documents that show there were a total of 594 complaints against Met employees between 2012 and 2018 of which 119 were upheld.

Among these was a complaint by a rape victim that the investigating officer ‘took advantage of her vulnerability and had sex with her on two occasions’.

Another Met Officer was dismissed after pretending to be a woman online ‘to advance his sexual proclivities and also film a woman apparently having non consensual sex with a male in a public park.’

The Met is the police force that brutalised young girls at the Clapham bandstand vigil on Saturday 13th March after they gathered there to remember the life and death of Sarah Everard.

Young girls were handcuffed and dragged away by a police force, whose leadership had allowed a police officer who had twice exposed himself in public to continue his normal duties and, according to the Met Police, continued to then murder Sarah Everard.

The diseased and desperate capitalist system has produced a police force that matches its desperation with attacks on women and youth.

In fact, the current Police Commissioner Cressida Dick as Assistant Police Commissioner led the operation that pumped seven bullets into an entirely innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezes on July 22nd, 2005.

For killing an innocent man the London police force got off extraordinarily lightly. It was fined £175,000. Dick should have been sacked then, but survived to become the London Police Commissioner.

The force itself was defined by this terrorist attack that it had launched on an innocent man.

On February 24th 1999, the MacPherson Report was published in the wake of the failure of the Met to get to the bottom of who exactly murdered Stephen Lawrence in a racist knife attack.

MacPherson found that the Metropolitan Police was ‘institutionally racist’. The 350-page document stated that the investigation into the killing was ‘marred by a combination of professional incompetence and institutional racism’.

The Metropolitan Police should have been disbanded then, but it wasn’t. Cressida Dick, now London Police Commissioner, simply soldiered on, and continues to be protected by both the leadership of the Tory and Labour parties.

It continued to develop its technique for intervening in protest groups. Police officers were given new identities, stolen from children who had died, and were sent into protest movements, where they were encouraged to act as spies and provocateurs.

They were encouraged to marry or have relationships with women members of the groups, even have children with them, before they vanished into the blue leaving the women concerned in a desperate crisis.

People’s lives were completely destroyed by this tactic. However, the police spies carried on with their police careers and were awarded for their work. These misdeeds are nothing to what the UK ruling class is getting ready to do. Today British capitalism is on its knees. It has been bankrupted by its ruling class and knows only one way out of the crisis.

That is to build new nuclear bombs and get ready for military actions against Russia and China, and to bring in draconian police powers at home so that it can force the working class to accept huge cuts in living standards and a life without any rights – all so that the bosses can remain the ruling class.

Last Saturday, over thirty thousand marched in London against the growing police state and to defend their basic rights, the right to protest, the right to strike and the right to stop imperialist wars and to smash capitalism to go forward to socialism in the UK and throughout the world.

What is required in this situation is to build the WRP and the YS in the UK and sections of the Fourth International in every country to lead the world socialist revolution to its victory forcing capitalism into the dustbin of history!

There is no other way forward for the working people and the youth of the world.