Defeat May’s rotten deal! Forward to a ‘No Deal’ on March 29 and a workers government and socialism!


PM May has now created a massive political crisis in the UK by revealing her real position on Brexit. For over a year she campaigned that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, seeking to convince workers that whatever happened ‘we’ were leaving the EU. Now she is campaigning that a bad deal is better than no deal, in a bid to knife Brexit. This in fact is what she was appointed to do as PM by the 1922 Committee!

It was Cameron who made the historic mistake of calling a binding referendum on the issue, inviting the working class to vote ‘Remain’. They disobliged him by voting ‘Leave’ by 17-plus millions! The working class not only voted ‘Leave’, it brought Cameron and his political twin Osborne down.

His successor, May, a ‘Remainer’, was not elected, she was appointed by the 1922 Committee. The Committee which runs the Tory Party was so frightened of having a leadership election, just after the Brexit shock, that it made May leader without an election. May the Remainer was installed by diktat.

Over the last year, May has repeated again and again ad nauseam that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. After her complete capitulation to the European Union we now find out that her Brexit means Remain. EU leaders are meeting to discuss both the legally binding Withdrawal Agreement; setting out the terms for the UK’s departure from the EU, and the accompanying non-binding political declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU.

The political declaration is a separate document to the 585-page Withdrawal Agreement, published last week, which covers the UK’s £39bn ‘divorce bill’, citizens’ rights after Brexit and the burning issue of the Northern Ireland ‘backstop’.

The Withdrawal Agreement is legally-binding, whereas the political declaration is not. The political declaration was just a verbal cover-up to mask May’s complete capitulation to the EU in the Withdrawal Agreement.

It is the Withdrawal Agreement which contains the back-stop. The back-stop means that the UK becomes a vassal state of the EU for an ‘indefinite’ period of time, operating under EU law, with no say in making that law. It will then be up to the EU to decide if, when or whether the UK will be able to come out of the back-stop arrangement and leave the EU.

Even her ex-Brexit secretary Tory MP Dominic Raab, who quit over the deal, can see through the masquerade. He said: ‘The back-stop ties the UK to the Customs Union and Single Market, removes our voice and is an EU veto over our exit.’

Ex-Tory cabinet member Iain Duncan Smith said the northern Irish back-stop, has become a ‘particularly toxic issue’. He said: ‘The Withdrawal Agreement will make it very clear that should we, even under these terms, struggle over a free-trade arrangement and not complete that process, we will fall into the Northern Ireland back-stop as it exists at the moment and that will mean simply that we will be bound by those restrictions that force Northern Ireland into a separate arrangement from us, into the Customs Union.’

However, all is not lost for May. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to her Thursday Parliamentary speech, but did not spell out that he would whip Labour into voting against May’s plan. Other MPs are plotting for a parliamentary coup annulling Article 50 and going forward to either a Labour-led coalition, a second referendum or both.

Yesterday, May made a TV call to the masses of the people to support her position, and pledged to tour the country in a massive campaign to rouse them. The trade unions must follow her example and call on millions of workers to take to the streets to challenge her deal.

The WRP and the YS demand that the UK leaves the EU on March 29 without a deal, and that the working class take to the streets en masse to make sure that the House of Commons knows what it wants! May’s Brexit deal must be voted down in parliament and the working class must take action to make sure that we leave the EU with no deal.

Forcing through Brexit is a matter for the masses. They must take to the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Once out of the EU, the working class will proceed with a socialist programme that will have at its centre the nationalisation of the banks and the major industries, putting an end to capitalism! This is what has to be done! Forward to socialism!