Davis Calls On The Cabinet To Revolt – Now Is The Time To Bring The Tories Down And Leave The Eu!


NOW that the ex-Brexit negotiator Davis has called for the Cabinet to rise up against the May government’s permanent Customs Union, and her plan to postpone leaving the EU indefinitely, Tory Brexiteers have run out of room for manoeuvre, and have been left with only one option, if they are not to capitulate to the EU.

This is to remove May in a new leadership election and vote against her betrayal of Brexit in the House of Commons, bringing her government down. The May government has also only one way out. It must win the support of Labour’s right wing, right up into its shadow cabinet, to vote for a permanent stay in the Customs Union, dumping the Brexit referendum result, and slapping 17-plus million workers and youth in the face.

May supporters have already said that there have been several briefings and that up to 30 Labour MPs are considering stabbing Corbyn in the back, and voting with May to back her plan for permanent membership of the Customs Union, as the only sure way of remaining in the EU.

Some of the MPs mentioned as a result of the briefings, have rushed to say that they have not even been approached by the Tories over such a back-stabbing deal. Among them, Lisa Nandy, Gareth Snell, Caroline Flint, and Gloria Del Perio have told the Business Insider that they had never been approached by anyone in the Conservative Party, while multiple other Labour MPs rejected the claims as being entirely fictional.

In fact, the May government is not primarily targeting MPs that represent constituencies that voted for Brexit in 2016. Those voters would absolutely oppose keeping May in office, and especially so if she is there to keep the UK in the EU. They would soon dump their MPs.

May in her Tory conference speech paid a sickening tribute to Labour’s right wing, praising their loyalty to capitalism, and their patriotism. She, however, observed that the heirs of Barbara Castle, Herbert Morrison, Kinnock, John Smith and Brown, were no longer in the cabinet but are now on the back benches. It is this group of Labour MPs that May is targeting.

This is the group that when push comes to shove would support a May government seeking to remain in the EU permanently, and even form a national government with her, to stay in the EU.

They are just as much opposed to a Corbyn-led government as is May and would prefer a Tory May government that battles to stay in the EU to a Corbyn government that will be forced by working class anger to take anti-capitalist actions.

When faced with a choice between a May government that keeps the UK in the EU and a Corbyn government under massive anti-capitalist pressure, it will be May for them.

In fact, the whole working class movement is now on the crossroads. It knows that another decade of capitalism in crisis will see it back to the workhouses!

When Labour’s right wing moves to prop up May to stay in the bosses and bankers EU, the working class must force the TUC to call a general strike to bring down the May government, and then to break at once with the EU.

A workers government will then resolve the crisis of British capitalism in the most direct way possible –  by nationalising the banks and the major industries without compensation, bringing in a socialist planned economy to serve the needs of the people.

There is no doubt that such a revolutionary action will spread like a forest fire into France, Italy, Greece and even Germany to replace the bankers and bosses EU with a socialist planned economy throughout Europe.

This is the way forward for the working class, that today the bosses are threatening with trade wars, banking and industrial collapses and new wars. The way to prevent these catastrophes is to take decisive action to get out of the EU, encouraging the workers of Europe to put an end to it and to march forward to replace bankrupt capitalism with the victory of the world socialist revolution.

This is the only way that the enormous productive developments through automation and artificial intelligence can be rationally used in a planned socialist economy whose watchword will be from each according to his ability to each according to their need. The madhouse of capitalism must be replaced by communism!