Brown Answers Nato Call


A BATTALION of 600 British troops will be sent to Kosovo, Defence Secretary Des Browne announced yesterday, after NATO requested extra soldiers to ‘maintain public order’ in the Serbian province, which under orders from Britain, the US and Germany has declared independence.

Theoretically the troops are due to be there for a maximum of six months, but practically the move could constitute the start of an open-ended and bloody commitment to enforce the permanent detachment of Kosovo from Serbia.

This will be a mission as deadly and as expensive in money and lives for the thinly stretched British military as are its campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

British imperialism is indebted and crisis ridden, with its banks begging outside the treasury and its industries shutting down.

However, its crisis drives it on to ever more frenzied attacks on the workers at home and abroad in the search for profits.

Now they are seeking to complete the destruction of Yugoslavia so that they can concentrate on the job in hand – whipping up Albanian nationalism to provide the cannon fodder for the coming attack on the Russian Federation which is already being surrounded by NATO, whose member states covet Russian gas and oil.

The Labour movement must demand the immediate withdrawals of all British troops from Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.



ON THE eve of the May 1st London Assembly vote, and the council elections, the right wing of the Labourites, in the person of Kate Hoey, has acted to scab on the Labour candidate for London Mayor Ken Livingstone by declaring her willingness to serve under Tory rightwinger Boris Johnson.

She is following the example of the poisonous ‘Lord Cashpoint’ (Levy) who declared on Sunday that Gordon Brown was incapable of beating Cameron and that ex-premier Blair agreed with him.

The News Line and the WRP calls on all workers to turn out in droves to vote for Livingstone and all of the Labour candidates, to keep the Tories out.

The Tories have been strengthened by the Thatcherite policies of Blair and Brown and their drive to smash the Welfare State at home, and abroad to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan into the dust.

They now think that they will be able to return thanks to the policies of the Labour leadership, and complete the job of smashing the Welfare State and driving the working class back to the conditions of the ‘hungry 1930s’, after the Wall Street crash.

The News Line and the WRP says keep the Tories out and mobilise the working class to deal with the Labour traitors, and remove them to go forward to a workers government and socialism.

Brown’s crisis was produced by working class anger at the abolition of the 10p lower rate of income tax and his plan for three-year wage deals. This anger is just the beginning of a revolutionary movement of the working class.

This is the movement that will keep the Tories out in order to deal with Brown, the Hoeys and the Darlings of the Labour Party and government by bringing down the Brown government with a general strike, to go forward to a workers government and socialism.

Vote for Livingstone and Labour!

Keep the Tories out!

Forward to a general strike to bring in a workers government and socialism!