Brexit crisis coming to a head – Quit the EU Now – Forward to a workers government and socialism


TOMORROW will see the moment of truth for both the Tory and Labour Parties when May’s programme for a Brexit that will leave the UK as a ‘vassal state prisoner’ of the EU goes to the vote.

It is almost certain to be defeated by a mass of Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and SNP MPs whose support for remaining in the EU has bound themselves together into a counter-revolutionary alliance determined to scrap the 2016 Referendum result and to remain in the EU by any means necessary, against the wishes of the electorate.

The common plan is to defeat the May deal, and give her three days to come back with ‘Plan B’ which will then be amended in any way that the counter revolutionary alliance decides. The options are to vote for a second referendum, or to vote to remain in the EU and to scrap Article 50.

Any of these alternatives would be a case of robbery with violence, and a vicious attack on the over 17 million voters that voted to ‘Leave’. They are also an attack on everybody’s basic rights, since once an arrogant parliament has over-ridden the decision of the ‘ignorant’ masses, it will be tempted to do the same again and again, replacing the alleged bourgeois democracy, with a straight forward dictatorship of the bosses and the bankers, such as the UK ruling class imposed on its colonies.

In fact, there is fear amongst MPs as a result of the role that they are playing. A cross-party group of 170 MPs has written a letter to Cressida Dick (the police chief responsible for the order to execute Jean Charles de Menezes) expressing their ‘serious concerns at the deteriorating security situation in and around the College Green’ and the rest of the parliamentary estate. They are afraid of their own people!

In this crisis situation the leader of the Labour Party Corbyn is providing no leadership at all. He refused to confirm to Andrew Marr yesterday morning that he would be putting down a no-confidence vote in the government tomorrow night. His message was ‘wait and see’.

At the same time he remarked that the drive of May to remain in office and get her Brexit plan agreed by winning the support of Labour MPs had failed because she had offered them absolutely nothing. He did remind Marr that he had offered at the Labour Party Conference to meet May if she had anything to offer. No doubt she is going to try and and make him an offer that he can’t refuse – right up to the last minute.

As for policy, Corbyn now wants a customs union and participation in the single market. He is becoming an open ‘Remainer’ and was unable to confirm that Labour’s next election manifesto would have the same line on the EU as its 2017 manifesto that ended May’s majority.

The real position is that May may yet make Corbyn an offer that he cannot refuse to split the Labourites and form a government of national unity. Corbyn is in fact terrified that Labour’s right wing are willing to sacrifice ‘Leave’ Labour seats in the north as a price worth paying to smash Brexit and ‘Remain’ in the EU.

Matters have now come to a head. We are heading for either a May-Corbyn national government to see through a Brexit that gives even more concessions to the EU, or Corbyn capitulating to his right wing and stabbing Labour in the north in the back by moving for a second referendum.

However, the working class will not take the knifing of Brexit without hitting back, with some massive revolutionary blows. Workers will organise Councils of Action all over the country. They will rally millions of workers to strike, occupy and march on the House of Commons from all over the country. They will take some lessons from their valiant French comrades.

In fact the crisis in the UK is part of a crisis all over the EU. From Greece to Hungary and France and Italy millions of workers are on the march after having their lives ruined by the EU’s bosses and bankers. The WRP will organise sections of the Fourth International all over Europe to lead the struggle to defend every job and every gain of the working class that the EU bosses and bankers are seeking to destroy.

Forward to a workers government in the UK that will expropriate the bosses and bankers and bring in socialism! Forward to the Socialist United States of Europe!