Blair the man who helped create IS warns of the dangers of a Corbyn led Labour government!


IT would be a ‘very dangerous experiment’ for the UK to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn power, Tony Blair has told the BBC’s This Week’s World.

During the interview Blair said: ‘There are people who disagree with me for reasons that they say are to do with, say, Iraq, but actually are to do with the fact I won three elections for the Labour Party and they didn’t like it.’

In fact, Blair is hated because the Blair-Brown government, which came to power in 1997 by a landslide after the collapse of the Tories under Major, consciously betrayed the working class.

Before the 1997 election Blair got rid of Clause Four from the Labour Party constitution, making it clear that nationalisation and socialism were not for it, allowing both Blair and Brown to declare that Labour was forming a ‘Businessman’s Government’.

In his first six years as PM Blair ordered British troops into battle five times, more than any other prime minister in British history. These wars included Iraq in 1998 (in the four-day campaign to bomb Iraq’s infrastructure back into the Stone Age), and then in 2003 when Saddam was overthrown for the benefit of ISIS. Then there was Yugoslavia in 1999 when Belgrade was bombed for 78 days, Sierra Leone in 2000 and Afghanistan from 2001.

He then played a part in preparing the war on Libya, persuading Gadaffi to give up his wmds in favour of trade deals. Gadaffi put his signature to the deal that disarmed Libya not knowing that it was his death warrant!

At home Blair’s ‘Businessman’s Government’, brought in the PFI system that saw NHS hospitals having to pay billions of pounds back to the banks, as Labour drove on the marketisation of the NHS bringing in the NHS Trust ‘business’ system, which required making savage NHS cuts.

Blair and Brown gloried in the ‘successes’ of the British banks, with Brown grandly declaring that he had overcome the boom to bust life process of the capitalist system. The duo were duly rewarded with the biggest banking bust in history in 2007, which the working class of the world is still paying for in savage austerity measures.

The political legacy of their 13 years of betrayal is the destruction of the Labour Party in Scotland, where workers expected socialism to come out of Labour’s 1997 landslide victory, and after 13 years of expectations betrayed finally turned to the SNP.

But the UK workers have long memories. When the opportunity came to hit back they did it with a vengeance. This happened in September 2015, when some of Blair’s friends were persuaded to put their names to Corbyn’s leadership candidacy so that the election could be said to be democratic.

The big joke was on them when hundreds of thousands joined the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn against the Blairites, and then foiled all of the scabby attempts to remove him! Blair has now returned to the scene of his crimes to do another job for the ruling class. Apparently, if the Telegraph is to be believed, the Chilcot inquiry has found that the illegal Iraq war was not illegal after all, leaving Blair a free man.

Blair warned the BBC Andrew Marr show yesterday that worldwide there were insurgent movements of the left and the right emerging. He added: ‘In the end what is important particularly in today’s world which is so uncertain and so unpredictable is I understand how these movements are moving politics in an extraordinary way today, and you can see this across the Atlantic, and you can see it here and you can see it now in the rest of Europe.

‘Personally I would like to see the centre – by that I mean the the centre left and the centre right get its grip back and its traction back on the political scene, because I honestly do believe that a lot of the solution to the problems we face today are less about ideology and far more to do with practicality and understanding modernity and the way that the modern world works.’

Blair has arrived back on the scene to organise the Blairite MPs (the centre left) to form a national government with the Cameron Tories (the Centre right) to save British capitalism from a developing socialist revolution. Workers must respond by driving forward to vote ‘Leave’ on June 23, to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism.