85 Million Brits By 2081!


IN the recent period the government, the Bank of England and the employers have been glorying in the fact that the enlargement of the EU has resulted in well over a million migrants coming legally into Britain.

The government and the Bank of England thought that this was wonderful, since the gangmaster system would ensure that the newcomers would work for much less than British workers and that this would be extremely effective in the ‘war against inflation’ since workers’ wages would be held hard down while the employers would be making record profits.

For the bosses, the banks and the government this seemed to be the best of all possible worlds.

Now the other, fearful side of the ruling class and its agencies has begun to come forward, vying with its greed for profits – its racism, its narrow nationalism and its hatred of foreigners.

The cry is now going up that ‘we’ must be able to send all these foreigners back or else as the latest ‘Frankenstein projections’ are said to show, by 2031 the UK population will be over 70 million, the increase from 60 million being made up by new migrants to the UK and their children.

A further projection is that by 2051 there will be 75 million Brits, with 25 million being migrants and their offspring, and by 2081 there will be 85 million not so true Brits.

My god – there could well be a brown Britain, or a Britain where Polish is the official language with English the second language, a startling thought for slow thinking John Bull!

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration watch, recently observed: ‘These figures are hugely important. They imply that the nature of British society will irrevocably and permanently be changed for our children and grandchildren.’

Historically this is rich indeed since Britain has the responsibility for assisting in the permanent changing and annihilation of original societies in many parts of the world as it carried out its capitalist and then imperialist mission – from the depopulation of Ireland, the conquest of the West Indies and its peopling with African slaves, the destruction of the aborigines of Australia, and many of the peoples and civilisations of West Africa.

Also the history of these islands is one of the continual change of society and societies with the arrival of new populations, from the Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons and Jutes, Danes, Normans, Huguenots, Irish, Jews, West Indians, Pakistanis and Indians from the sub continent.

For at least two centuries from the Norman Conquest in 1066, the language of the ruling class was French, and monarchs such as Charles 1 were thought of popularly, at the time of the English civil war, as the ‘last of the Normans’. Nothing has ever been irrevocable.

What the Tory and Labour reactionaries show, with their screaming to be protected from being overrun by foreigners, is their acute fear of the future.

They want to be protected from the logic of the development of the world economy, and modern technology, including communications, which despite being held back by the private, ownership of the means of production, emphasises the unity of the planet and the unity of humanity, and the objective need for humanity to proceed beyond the capitalist nation state, to a new socialist society and planned production on a world scale.

This must be done to satisfy people’s needs and to lay the basis for the development of a new world culture, a socialist culture, that will be far superior to the bourgeois culture that is disintegrating and degenerating before our very eyes.

The News Line and the Workers Revolutionary Party welcomes all workers who come to Britain.

We urge them to join the trade unions and join the struggle to overthrow British capitalism and imperialism with a socialist revolution.

British imperialism is in its death agony. It must be consigned to the dustbin of history by a socialist revolution in the period directly ahead.