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The News Line: Editorial
Deselect the right wing Blairite MPs who want to split the Labour Party THE DECISIVE move of the working class to vote to leave the EU has not only upset the bankers and bosses of the EU, and smashed the Cameron premiership, it has moved Labour’s right wing into a frenzied action to split the Labour Party, with practically the entire shadow cabinet downing tools and walking out.
The News Line: Editorial
Now sack the union leaders to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government! THE ‘Leave’ victory in the just-held referendum constitutes a huge revolutionary victory for the working class and the poor of the UK who voted in their millions to quit the anti-working class bankers and bosses dictatorship that is the European Union.
The News Line: Editorial
Cameron crushed and out – now kick out the rest! THE working class has delivered a crushing blow not just to Tory leaders Cameron and his chancellor Osborne but to the bankers and capitalists who dominate the EU.
The News Line: Editorial
JUNIOR DOCT0RS’ STRUGGLE IS NOT OVER – REJECT BARBER’S ‘NEW CONTRACT’ JOHAN Malawana, the Chair of the Junior Doctors Committee, addressing the BMA annual conference in Belfast, told delegates that: ‘This was the year when we were all put to the test. Our motives, our determination and our unity, all placed under the harshest possible spotlight.
The News Line: Editorial
VOTE ‘LEAVE’ – BRING DOWN CAMERON – FORWARD TO SOCIALIST UNITED STATES OF EUROPE! THE mass of the working class and the majority of the middle class must vote to ‘Leave’ the EU today to strike a body blow at the plan to create a European imperialist superstate capable of making war on the working class at home and making war on Russia and China.
The News Line: Editorial
Turkey and Israel are set to announce ‘normalisation’ TURKEY and Israel are to announce an agreement on the normalisation of bilateral ties, ending six years of a freeze in relations, after a series of talks in Switzerland.



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