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The News Line: Editorial
Eurozone on top of revolutionary volcano JUST when the eurozone bankers and capitalist class were congratulating themselves on beating the  reformist Syriza government of Greece into submission, an even bigger threat has emerged in Portugal.
The News Line: Editorial
Don’t vote to bomb Syria! Victory to Assad – forward to Palestine! IN August 2013, MPs rejected by 285-272 votes UK military intervention by the Cameron government to bomb President Bashar al-Assad’s government out of power, and on that basis to reorganise the country and the region.
The News Line: Editorial
Osborne tax credits retreat but savage assault on Welfare State is stepped up! CHANCELLOR Osborne was forced to make a humiliating retreat over working tax credits in the House of Commons yesterday after facing massive resistance to the tax credit cuts. The government was forced to publicly reveal its feet of clay.
The News Line: Editorial
Stop Cameron’s counter-revolution at home and abroad! CAMERON told the House of Commons on Monday afternoon in his statement on national security strategy that: ‘On Thursday I will make the case for Britain to join our international allies in going after ISIL at its headquarters in Syria, not just Iraq. . .’
The News Line: Editorial
TUC leaders plead while workers starve IN advance of the Tory chancellor, George Osborne, announcing to parliament on Wednesday his spending review, which will detail exactly how he intends to cut £20 billion from essential services, the TUC yesterday published its own report on the effects of all the austerity cuts made so far under the Tories and the previous coalition government.
The News Line: Editorial
No war with Syria – answer the £20bn of cuts by kicking out the Tories! PM Cameron is due to drive forward Tory war plans both at home and abroad this week.



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