2024 – Victory to Palestine! Forward to British Socialist Revolution!

Hamas fighters celebrate the destruction of an Israeli tank on October 7th

News Year’s statement from the News Line Editorial Board

THE News Line Editorial Board sends revolutionary greetings for 2024 to all our readers and to the working class, youth and poor.
All across the world, the masses are rising up against a bankrupt capitalist system that in its imperialist death agony, is gripped by the greatest economic crisis in its history.
This world crisis is driving revolutionary uprisings across the world.
We send our warmest revolutionary greetings to the Palestinian people who are facing the unprecedented venom of the Israeli Zionist regime determined to drive Palestinians from their land through a genocidal campaign.
This campaign has the full support and backing of US imperialism and its faithful allies in Britain.
The scale of the murderous attacks by Israeli forces is without precedence.
The latest figures of Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Strip has exceeded 21,000 in the last days of 2023, the majority women and children, and is set to reach even higher as Israel ramps up its attacks in Gaza and the occupied territories in the West Bank.
The intensification of the genocidal indiscriminate bombing of Gaza was Israel’s answer to the UN Security Council’s resolution calling for Israel to accept a ‘sustainable ceasefire’ and allow more aid into Gaza.
The Zionist regime confidently rejects these ‘humanitarian’ appeals because it knows it has the full backing of the US.
The imperialists support Israel in its campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their homeland and secure the oil rich region for capitalist exploitation.
For decades, Israel has been steadily encroaching on Palestinian land, building numerous illegal settlements, destroying Palestinian homes and villages and making life impossible for millions of Palestinian families and youth with its brutal occupation and mass killings.
The Israeli attack on Al Aqsa was the last straw.
Invading and occupying one of the holiest Muslim sites by Israeli forces and armed settlers produced the latest uprising.
The action by Hamas entering and catching Israel by surprise on October 7 exposed the illusion that Israel had ‘impenetrable’ defences.
Hamas’ action has shaken the Zionists and their imperialist backers to the core.
The whole world has seen homes and entire districts razed to the ground by Israel’s continuous bombing campaign while almost the entire population of Gaza have been forced to move from one area to another constantly seeking shelter in hospitals and schools only to be bombed a few days later.
This has produced a mass outcry all over the world and a world revolutionary situation.
It has produced mass uprisings in all countries, particularly in the United States and Britain.
The actions of Netanyahu and his war cabinet in this unprecedented war of terror against the Palestinians has produced a major crisis in the Israeli regime.
There are continuous mass demonstrations by Israeli people demanding a ceasefire and the return of the Israeli hostages.
There have also been constant demands that Netanyahu resigns.
Millions of workers and young people have risen up across the world against this campaign to eradicate the Palestinian people.
In the UK hundreds of thousands have marched every week calling for the defeat of their own governments and for a general strike in support of Palestine.
Similar marches and demonstrations have taken place throughout Europe and the US creating a massive crisis for the world capitalist class.
The ruling class are already reeling from the failure of imperialist war in the Ukraine to weaken Russia and open a path to restoring capitalism and open the country up to capitalist restoration.
In the US, the Biden administration is now hanging by a thread while the entire American political system is gripped by a huge crisis unparalleled in history.
The US national debt stands at over $33 trillion and the interest repayments on this debt are an eyewatering $1 trillion a year!
Every US state is potentially bankrupt.
The role of American capitalism as the world powerhouse and military master has been dealt a crushing blow in Palestine and Ukraine greatly reducing the role of US imperialism in the world.
This has produced a seismic political crisis in the most powerful capitalist country in the world, with a section of the ruling class backing Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner in the presidential election in November 2024, despite the fact he faces a massive number of legal cases.
Trump has recently announced that if elected he will become a dictator for a day.
A dictator prepared to tear up all legal constraints that restrain the ability of the capitalist class to dump their crisis onto the backs of the working class, is precisely what the bosses and bankers crave.
The world has changed forever as the world crisis is disastrous for most countries.
In Britain, Tory prime minister Rishi Sunak and his government are hated, discredited and despised to the extent that even Tory MPs have given up hope of survival, let alone ever being re-elected.
With British capitalism in recession and drowning in a £3 trillion debt mountain, sections of the ruling class have given up on the Tory party and claiming it is useless for the job in hand – that is taking on and defeating a powerful working class that has shown it will not passively accept having the bosses’ and bankers’ crisis dumped on their backs.
This crisis has reached a pivotal stage in Britain with leading economists predicting that 30,000 businesses and corporations will go bust in 2024, drowned by debt and high interest rates.
The ruling class are talking about a ‘new party’ is needed and looking for a new ‘Oswald Mosley’ to lead a class war to the finish.
While the Tories are torn apart and reviled by workers and youth, the Labour Party under Keir Starmer has earned the hatred of the working class.
Starmer’s wholehearted support for British capitalism and his denunciation of every strike called by workers to defend their living standards has been accompanied with his full support for Israel and a refusal to call for a ceasefire.
Hundreds, if not thousands of members have left the Labour Party in disgust at the treachery of Starmer.
The ruling class is now forcing the full impact of the world crisis onto the backs of the working class.
Everywhere basic welfare is cut, wages are cut, unemployment is soaring, and millions are being driven into abject poverty.
However, the working class has seen the unbeaten resistance of the Palestinians who have taken on and defeated every attempt to crush them despite all the barbaric bombings and invasions.
This unbeaten resilience has given heart and encouragement to workers and youth in every country to push forward and fight back.
This huge movement is driving forward to defeat bankrupt capitalism through the working class taking power and advancing to socialism.
In 2024 we will see the world revolution emerging at a great pace with capitalism in its death agony.
The Palestinian people, suffering untold hardship, have created a huge crisis for the reactionary Israeli regime with its president Netanyahu just hanging onto power by a thread.
Israeli forces are failing to crush Palestinian resistance and will never achieve their aim of driving every Palestinian out of their land.
The revolutionary situation across the world is forcing through the establishment of a Palestinian state, defeating Netanyahu and his cohorts who have done everything possible to stop it happening through decades of war and brutality.
The heroic struggle of the Palestinian people has accelerated the crisis for world capitalism as it steadfast allies, the Houthi government of Yemen, have intervened in the Red Sea in a blockade of Israeli shipping that threatens to upend the entire transport of oil and goods through the Suez canal causing massive damage to the economies of Europe and the US. The Palestinian masses are being joined by the masses of the world as they rise up against the devastation of world imperialism.
2024 will be the year for the victory of the world socialist revolution.
This is the historic task immediately before the working class and youth in Britain and throughout the world – to put an end to bankrupt capitalism that in its final death agony can offer nothing but war on workers at home and war against the people of the world.
Only the victory of the world socialist revolution can put an end to capitalist barbarism and advance humanity to a socialist society free from wars, where the productive forces are organised for the benefit of the people of the world and not for the profit of a few bloated capitalists.
2024 will be the year for building revolutionary parties of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to lead the struggle for the world socialist revolution.
Here in Britain there has never been a more opportune time to bring down capitalism, the oldest capitalist country in the world, and consign it to the dustbin of history where it belongs.
2024 is the year for:

  • Establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital
    • Bringing down the pro-fascist regime in Ukraine which the imperialists support
    • Bringing down this bankrupt Tory government and establishing a Workers Government which will create the conditions for carrying forward the British socialist revolution
    • Building sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to lead the world socialist revolution to victory.

In 2024 let’s go forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution!