YS MARCH STARTS TODAY! –for jobs and free state education


‘WE’RE calling on everyone to join our march from Manchester to London for jobs for youth, and for the smashing of all tuition fees and the restoration of free university education.’

This is what march leader Jonty Leff told News Line yesterday.

He added: ‘Firefighters, postal workers, teachers, nurses, all those in struggle against the Tory coalition government and their war on public services and the Welfare State, we urge you to bring your banners and bring your members and join our march.

‘Every job that the working class is fighting to defend is being defended for the next generation of youth.

‘Young Socialists are marching over 200 miles through industrial towns and cities that have been decimated because of the destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

‘Now, with over a million youth unemployed, the working class must unite with young people under the revolutionary banner that proudly fights for socialism.

‘Not a single job or service can be defended without bringing down the Tory coalition and going forward to a workers government.

‘Join us and assemble for the first leg of our march through the birthplace of the industrial working class, Manchester.

‘Meet 1.00pm on the corner of Cromwell Range and Wilmslow Road this Saturday.

‘March with us down the country and book your coaches to bring loads of workers and youth to attend the News Line anniversary rally at Queen Mary University in Mile End, east London to welcome the marchers on 21st November.

‘Together we will build the leadership necessary to win the socialist future.’

YS National Secretary Joshua Ogunleye added: ‘We’re marching against these cuts in education and jobs that will have such a damaging effect on the future of young people, with regard to the facilities available to them, jobs, pensions, housing and the chance of having a good future.

‘We are opposed to bailing out the banks by cutting jobs and pauperising the working class.

‘We don’t think this bankrupt capitalist system offers young people any future and we are marching to unite workers and young people to bring down this government and go forward to a socialist future.

‘We urge workers to join this march and support it in every way.’