Vote Wrp In Hackney – Defeat Tory Cuts

Eighteen year-old UMARO DA SILVA campaigning for the WRP
Eighteen year-old UMARO DA SILVA campaigning for the WRP

‘THE GOVERNMENT must not cut the funding for education, the NHS or council housing because these are the things that matter to us,’ Carla Bakal told the campaign team for Workers Revolutionary Party candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch during a canvas of Hemsworth estate in Hoxton, Hackney yesterday morning.

She continued: ‘I am voting Jonty Leff, WRP because he stands up for our community. I work in a school in Hackney and because of the budget cuts I have been made redundant. There are five of us in total and this is very unfair for me and the kids. It is unfair for the kids even more so because it will mean going back to large classes where the children with special needs get left behind. That is what I was there for.’

18-year-old Umaro Da Silva is voting for the first time, he got involved with the election campaign and joined the WRP canvas knocking door-to-door. Da Silva said: ‘I am enjoying canvassing people in my community and am telling everyone what young people are going through, letting them know that we believe that education must be free and all university fees must be abolished.

‘Also, if young people are working the same hours and the same job as adults then they must be paid the same. Everyone must be treated equally no matter what their age. On the doors I am asking people to vote for the Workers Revolutionary Party, vote Jonty Leff, and have been selling the Young Socialist paper. A lot of people said YES I will vote for WRP.

‘We have to stand up against this government and this is what we feel in our hearts. This government are only for the rich. However, kicking this government out is not enough, this entire system has to go. That is why I am for revolution.’

On the doors 17-year old Daniel Gbadeyan, although too young to vote, joined the Young Socialists to get involved in the campaign. He said: ‘I will have to take a gap year to save up for university and gain work experience to put on my CV. University must be free.’