WRP candidate for Camberwell and Peckham, JOSHUA OGUNLEYE. had a lively campaign at the London College of Arts Camberwell Campus yesterday

WRP parliamentary candidate for Camberwell and Peckham Joshua Ogunleye had a warm welcome for his socialist policies at the London College of Arts Camberwell campus yesterday.

Erik, a student at the college said: ‘I agree with this campaign. The Tory government have ruined so many people’s lives it’s unbelievable. We definitely don’t want them back.

‘How can we be paying so much tuition fees and our lecturers still do not get paid enough? Things like education are a priority. It’s basically investing in the future, if they can’t get that right they can’t be trusted.’

Annabelle, another student, said: ‘The campaign is really great. More people should get involved I agree with a revolution and standing up to this government. We have to get more people involved.’

At Camberwell bus garage, the candidate spoke to bus drivers.

Bus driver Jude Imole said: ‘I want the buses renationalised and back to how London Underground is. We need equal pay and treatment like Tube drivers.

‘The company control the union Unite. They are not strong enough to fight for us. We need new union leaders.’

Joshua Scott said: ‘We need more pay to match the work we put in. It is a very challenging job because of traffic, people in the road, and sometimes abusive passengers.

‘It would help if the buses were nationalised because then the bus workers would be united so they can challenge bad conditions and poor pay.’

The WRP candidate for Tottenham Frank Sweeney and his election campaign team were in Bruce Grove where they got a great response.

They spoke to Fatima Ishmal, who said: ‘It’s inequality, isn’t it? There is shocking and bad poverty since the time Marx was writing his Manifesto and today the rich still have the wealth.

‘I work with families who are living on the poverty line and others who are going to work and don’t get enough money to provide food for their families and have to rely on food banks.

‘‘I also have friends who are studying and are struggling because of how expensive it is to live in London.

‘Capitalism all over the world takes resources away from poor countries and workers should rise up and change this.’

A team campaigning for Hackney South and Shoreditch WRP candidate Jonty Leff went down to the Hackney sorting office yesterday to win support from postal workers.

‘How dare they rule our strike invalid,’ Priscilla Jaffari, CWU member, told News Line outside the Hackney sorting office.

Jaffari continued: ‘97% of us voted for strike action and the courts have ruled it out. This is outrageous. We will have our strike.

‘They knew it threatened their election. This is the power of strike.

‘I support Jonty Leff’s policy to end all anti-union laws, and to bring down the Tories who introduced them.’

Earlier on the high street, Tasha Lia supported the campaign and said she would be voting WRP in the December 12 election.

She said: ‘I am currently doing my foundation year in photography at UAL. Many students I know, even if they were for remaining in the EU before, now say that the referendum result must be respected.

‘I was too young to vote at the time but I would have definitely voted leave because I do not stand with the EU and I am angry how much money this country is giving them.

‘I do not care about immigration or about controlling borders and all of that. That is not why I am for Brexit. I am for Brexit because I am against EU capitalism and control and I will be supporting the Workers Revolutionary Party in the election.’

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