Postal Workers Call For Strike Action


Politicians, trade union leaders and hundreds of postal workers will come together at a national rally to protest against government plans to privatise Royal Mail on Wednesday.

The rally will take place from 11.00am-2.00pm at Central Hall, Westminster.

Speakers include shadow Business Secretary John Denham and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes and deputy general secretary Dave Ward will be joined by other politicians and trade union leaders.

The timing is intended to give MPs a very clear message of the dissatisfaction with the Postal Services Bill and the deficiencies within the Bill, prior to the Parliamentary Christmas recess.

The Bill is currently in committee stage and the CWU believes there are huge loopholes which put the universal service and post office network at risk.

Postal workers will also be lobbying their local MPs in parliament after the rally.

Postal workers are calling for strike action.

London SE15 CWU rep Billy Colvill told News Line yesterday: ‘The House of Commons should be lobbied but if you look at what’s happened in the students’ bill and other cuts you can see that this ConDem government is not going to be stopped by a lobby.

‘I personally think that our union, the CWU, should join the growing movement among trade unionists to demand that the TUC call an indefinite general strike to bring this government down.

‘That is the only way I can see of stopping the privatisation of Royal Mail.’

CWU Eastern Region secretary Paul Moffat said: ‘The point of the lobby is to get our message across about the privatisation of Royal mail and the splitting up of the postal network.

‘We think the Lib Dems and Tories’ ideology is flawed, it’s “private is good, public is bad”, and will only serve to line the pockets of privateers.

‘The lobby is only part of what we need to be doing.

‘The coalition doesn’t care about the opinions of trade unionists and workers, their plans would lead to a greater divide, with years of poverty.

‘The time for talking to MPs is coming to an end.

‘We now need to take direct action with all trade unions, including a general strike.

‘As far as Royal Mail is concerned, our union needs to take industrial action.

‘On January 9th 2011, Eastern Region CWU will be taking direct action to the heart of Cameron’s constituency in Oxfordshire.’