One million workers march through London for Palestine

Saturday’s million-strong march, part of the Global Day of Action for Palestine, leaving the City of London on its way to Parliament Square

ONE MILLION workers, students and youth marched through central London in support of Palestine on Saturday, condemning 100 days of Israeli genocide during which 24,000 Palestinian men, women and children have been slaughtered.

One of the organisers told people at the rally at the end of the march that they were part of a Global Day of Action for Palestine on Saturday, which involved tens of millions of people in 120 cities in 45 countries on six continents!

The march assembled at Bank in the city of London and proceeded to Parliament Square.

There were tens of thousands of Palestinian flags and homemade placards on the march, with banners from several trade unions including the Unison, PCS, UCU, SOAS, NEU and TSSA.

There was a loud and lively delegation behind the Young Socialists ‘Charge Israel with War Crimes, End the Occupation and Victory to Palestine’ banner.

There were constant chants of ‘From the River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free! One State Palestine! and Yemen, Yemen make us proud, turn another ship around!’

The march was led by the banners of the four march organisers – Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND and the Stop the War Coalition.

There was a banner with a big picture of US president Joe Biden describing him as ‘Genocide Joe’ and there was a Wakefield United for Palestine banner with lots of young people behind it.

As the demonstration was assembling Meg, a young Unison member who works for Kensington & Chelsea council, told News Line: ‘Many people in London have strong connections with Gaza. We have huge cuts within the council and you can really see the authority’s politics. Despite everyone working their hardest they are not doing enough for those in social housing. For many people in council houses the quality of living is very poor. Imperialism acts against workers at home and abroad.

‘Israel is carrying out many acts of genocide. Coexistence can happen and be successful but a so-called two-state solution gives way too much power to those who shouldn’t have it. There must be a Palestinian state where Muslims, Jews and Christians can live in peace together.’

Dev and Muti, two young fire engineers from London, said: ‘The bombing of Yemen is illegal and must be stopped. Sunak did it without even discussing it in Parliament. It’s the same for the US. They never got authorisation from Congress.

‘They just think they can do what they want. The genocide must be stopped, hurt them through their pockets, through boycotting.

‘They are bombing Yemen because it is hurting their investments. The Yemeni people are brave and fighting for all of us.’

Yasmine, a young Yemeni, said: ‘I’m really proud of Yemen fighting for Gaza, They know how it is to struggle. We must strike for Palestine the only solution is a permanent ceasefire and one state of Palestine. Palestine is the original state and it must be restored.’

Shakeela Bibb, Oema Khan and Mimi Khan three teenage girls from Shropshire who were carrying colourful placards, said: ‘The occupation is killing civilians. You should not have to tell people that killing civilians is wrong. We want a ceasefire now. Everyone has the right to basic human rights. There is no two-state solution. There has to be one state of Palestine.’

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