UK carriers are ready to be deployed against the Houthis. UK workers must kick the Tories out and arm the masses of Palestine!


THE UK’s aircraft carriers are ready to be deployed to fight the Houthis, and to threaten war with the Iranian revolution, was the message from the Tory Party yesterday.

This news was stated by Defence Minister James Cartlidge as he told GB News: ‘Just to be absolutely clear, there is no truth whatsoever in the suggestion that we cannot deploy the carrier.

‘I’m pleased to confirm both our carriers are in Portsmouth. They are at readiness and they are available to be deployed if needed, if the operational decision is that that is the appropriate response.’

The Observer newspaper put its own mark on the developing crisis warning: ‘A prolonged conflict in the Red Sea could have a devastating effect on the world economy, reigniting inflation and disrupting energy supplies.’

In fact, the capitalist world economy will be collapsed by the crisis in the Gulf. As the Houthis bring Iran and other states into the fray, there will be a collapse of oil production and a massive hike in inflation, bankrupting the bosses, and radicalising hundreds of millions of workers.

Meanwhile, a frightened Citigroup is to cut 20,000 jobs after the Wall Street bank suffered its worst quarterly loss since the 2009 financial crisis.

It is to cut up to 10% of its staff, after it collapsed to a £1.4bn loss from a 2.5bn profit a year earlier.

The quarterly loss is the biggest since Citigroup posted a $6.7bn loss in 2009 during the depths of the financial crash.

A series of banks have laid off staff in recent months with Metro announcing 850 job cuts in November and Barclays shedding 5,000 roles last year.

As the oil crisis sharpens to the point of catastrophe, the working class of the UK, the EU and the USA have taken to the streets in their hundreds of thousands and millions declaring their revolutionary unity with the struggling masses of Palestine.

This is a great start. They have completely refused to fall for any of the poisonous pro-Zionist propaganda, and declared that they stand for the unity of the Palestinian people with the workers of the world, to establish the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

What is being revealed is the revolutionary role of the working class and its youth!

Worldwide, workers demonstrations chant ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’. Workers are getting ready to take on the bosses of the UK, the EU and the USA by organising mass strike actions, that will see the masses occupy the factories and sack the bosses.

There is now no doubt that what is emerging rapidly is the worldwide working class as the major revolutionary force for smashing world capitalism and imperialism and going forward to a World Socialist Republic, and production to satisfy people’s needs.

Now is the time for building sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International in every country to organise and lead the victory of the worldwide socialist revolution.

The preliminary statistics of the current struggle in Palestine reveal that there have been over 24,000 martyrs, over 60,000 wounded, and 8,000 missing.

Among the fallen are 7,000 women and 10,300 children. Journalists, healthcare professionals, UN staff, students, teachers, and administrators have not been spared, with over 100 journalists, 373 healthcare workers, 148 UN employees, 4,257 students, and 227 educators losing their lives.

A recent report by the UK-based Save the Children organisation sheds light on the dire situation, highlighting that at least 10 children lose their limbs daily in Gaza. Most paediatric surgeries are conducted without anaesthesia due to a lack of essential medical supplies.

The working class of the world is now on the march. It must bring down the Tory governments of Europe and America and bring in workers’ governments that will arm the masses of Palestine and see to it that they take power to establish a socialist Palestine and a socialist Middle East.

Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution!