May’s project fear – ‘Reject my deal and the only certainty will be uncertainty!’


SPEAKING in Grimsby last Friday May peddled her  own ‘project fear’ line before the new vote on her deal with the EU tomorrow in parliament.

This will be followed by two further days of amendments designed to postpone the leaving date from March 29th, and then preparing the way to overthrow Article 50, accepting a customs union with the EU and the single market – in other words smacking the electorate in the face by deciding on ‘remaining’ and to scrap Brexit.

Playing with fire, May stressed that if any MP wanted stability and not chaos then he or she must vote for her deal, because if it was rejected and the will of the people to leave the EU reversed: ‘The only certainty would be ongoing uncertainty.’

This desperate tactic was reminiscent of the ‘Apres moi la deluge’ warnings made in the last days of the Bourbons. They didn’t work and neither will hers!

There is a situation today where the ruling class can- not rule in in the old way and the working class cannot live in the old way either. This was Lenin’s classic definition of a revolutionary situation. The bourgeoisie is in fact fearful!

Additional warnings have been issued to ministers, that have been leaked to The Daily Telegraph, that supporting an amendment to delay Brexit ‘could politicise the monarchy’ and lead to a full-blown ‘constitutional crisis which would cause the government to lose its ability to govern’.

The memo warns that supporting an amendment re-tabled by Labour’s Yvette Cooper and Tories Oliver Letwin and Nick Boles, could pave the way for a bill to  change the day of exit from the EU and bind the government into a permanent customs union.

This would be a real parliamentary coup against the electorate that in its majority voted for Brexit and a parliament that voted overwhelmingly for the 29th March leaving date and Article 50.

The memo warns that a passed amendment on a vote to delay Brexit will be turned into a bill that would be fast-tracked through both houses of parliament and then put before the monarchy that would be advised to sign, regardless of the consequences.

The memo advised: ‘The government would have lost its ability to govern.’ A cross-party majority in the House of Commons would then have seized control of Brexit policy and would be ‘directing legally binding outcomes’.

The memo suggests that the Lords would expedite any legislation to ensure its passage in the next fortnight, potentially giving rise to the Queen having    to give Royal Assent to a ‘soft’ Brexit Bill days before March 29th. The memo concludes that ‘any attempt to do so would lead to a full-blown constitutional crisis’.

In fact, the monarchy would be lined up with the rest of the capitalist state and its bodies of armed men to see to it that the result of the 2016 referendum on the EU is binned and that the working class is forced by the state apparatus, including the monarchy, to remain under the heel of the EU and its local agency, the British government.

It is clear that the working class, with centuries of struggle behind it to achieve its democratic rights, is going to fight the British ruling class tooth and nail. The British ruling class is heading for the dustbin of history.

The UK working class will, as Marx foresaw in the Communist Manifesto, carry out its historic role as the gravedigger of capitalism. The working class in its millions and its youth will now come into the fight.

There is a huge crisis of leadership in the workers movement, with the Labour Party now on the brink of joining a national government to bury Brexit and remain in the EU, and with the majority of the trade union leaders lamely following this misleadership.

Workers must join the WRP and the Young Socialists to rapidly build up the revolutionary leadership to organise the British socialist revolution.

The working class must take mass action to see to it that the UK leaves the EU on March 29th. This, however, will be just the start of the revolution. It must continue to expropriate the British bosses and bankers, to bring in a planned socialist economy to satisfy the needs of the people, an example that will be rapidly followed by the working class of Europe.