CWU CALLS NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION! – All out on Tuesday August 21

CWU members on the Princess Royal Distribution Depot picket line at 6.00 am yesterday
CWU members on the Princess Royal Distribution Depot picket line at 6.00 am yesterday

The Communica-tion Workers Union (CWU) has announ-ced a national demonstration in London in support of postal workers on Tuesday, 21 August 2007.

A CWU spokeswoman told news Line yesterday: ‘The rally is for all public sector workers to come together to support the postal workers in their current dispute.

‘We will be calling on all public sector workers and unions to stand together against the cuts and privatisation.’

The demonstration will assemble at 12.00 noon at Clerkenwell Green and depart at 12.30pm.

The march route along Clerkenwell Road and Old Street will pass Royal Mail head office twice before returning to Clerkenwell Green for a mass rally at 1.30pm.

The CWU said: ‘This event is part of the CWU’s ongoing campaign in defence of postal workers and postal services.’

Speakers include: Billy Hayes and Dave Ward, CWU; Francis O’Grady, TUC; Keith Sonnett, UNISON; Keith Norman, ASLEF; Colin Moses, POA; Steve Sinnott, NUT; Bob Crow, RMT; speakers from PCS and GMB are yet to be confirmed.

CWU London Divisional Rep Martin Walsh told News Line: ‘We are expecting a big demonstration.

‘We are looking forward to getting as many members there as possible and showing Royal Mail that we intend to win this dispute.

‘We are calling for mass support from other unions.

‘We are asking other unions to attend and bring big delegations from all around the country.

‘We are determined to do what is needed to get a successful conclusion to the dispute.’

A UNISON spokeswoman said: ‘We support the postal workers.

‘We are circulating all our branches calling on members to take part in the demonstration.

‘Our deputy general secretary will be speaking at the rally, which is an indication of how important UNISON considers this dispute.

‘We are calling on our members to come out and support the postal workers.’

The Transport and General Workers Union also gave its full support to the postal workers.

A spokesman for the TGWU section of Unite – the union told News Line: ‘Unite is fully behind the postal workers and is urging everyone to attend the national demonstration.’

The Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) is calling on members to mobilise for a mass turnout: Its statement says: ‘Support the CWU!

‘Our brothers and sisters in the CWU are entering an important stage in their campaign to protect the future of the Post Office and have called a national demonstration.

‘RMT branches should ensure the biggest possible turnout – please spread the word as widely as possible, and get fellow trade unionists, trades councils, family and friends there, with banners, flags and whistles.

‘The CWU’s fight is our fight – let’s mobilise for August 21.’

Civil servants’ union PCS said: ‘We are fully supportive of the CWU campaign.

‘CWU members have always been very supportive during our actions and we are returning that solidarity.’