BRING DOWN THE TORIES! – TUC must call a general strike


‘EVERY major union is supporting this march. We welcome this opportunity for people to take to the streets to protest at this government. The Tories must go!’ Ian Hodson president of the Bakers union told News Line on the eve of the ‘Tories Out’ march.

The march assembles outside the BBC today at 11am and marches to Parliament. Hodson continued: ‘We urged that this march be organised. This is a government which has no mandate, a coalition of chaos that is based on bungs, that is not working in the interests of the people across Britain.

‘This was proved in the Queen’s Speech with its decision to uphold the pay cap on public sector workers. We need to hear something from the TUC, they need to recognise now that working people are looking for leadership. The only thing I have heard from the TUC during the election campaign was how they are prepared to work with the Tories on some of their policies.

‘That is not what workers want to hear. The TUC has a duty to look to the people who it represents and it now has to act. May is just a symptom of the problem. The Tory party is the issue. It is riddled with class interest, this is about class.

‘Grenfell was about class, the firefighters, the miners, this is about their class, and their class interests and about them trying to take away the rights of our class. That is what this anti-union legislation that they have brought in is about, taking away the right to strike. The Tories must go.’

Civil servants union PCS said: ‘By losing her majority in the general election, Theresa May has lost her mandate and her authority to govern. Her government is in disarray at a time when we need stability. We want the Tories out and we’re calling on people to demonstrate in their tens of thousands.’

Dave Wiltshire the Secretary of the All Trades Unions Alliance told News Line: ‘This mass march must be the trigger for the calling of an indefinite general strike by the TUC. If they will not call it, the TUC Congress must be recalled, the present TUC leadership sacked and new leaders brought in prepared to call and lead a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government and socialism.’