3 Years After Grenfell Fire!

North Kensington Young Socialists and their banner got tremendous support at the street meeting to demand ‘No More Grenfells!’

‘IT’S been an absolute outrage that three years later and the Grenfell families still have no justice, and homes are still unsafe,’ Joe Delaney, local resident, activist and Grenfell campaigner said yesterday.

He was speaking outside Ladbroke Grove Tube at a street meeting and mass campaign called by the North Kensington Council of Action, Workers Revolutionary Party and Young Socialists to mark three years since the horrific Grenfell fire.

Delaney continued: ‘They’ve not tried to improve the lives of the people, they have the same attitude towards Covid. The government don’t care about people.

‘We have to take to the streets and protest like they do in France. Justice for the 72!’

Scott Dore, who stood as a candidate in the general election in the local area for the Workers Revolutionary Party, said: ‘It is our time to fight. This system needs to go. We can’t forget about all those who died in the Grenfell fire.

‘The government were clapping for the NHS, claiming they love the NHS.

‘In this area they’ve shut down Hammersmith Hospital A&E, they shut Central Middlesex A&E, they shut Ealing Hospital Paediatrics and Maternity, they waged war on the junior doctors.

‘Whether it’s Grenfell or the NHS, they don’t care about ordinary people. This government needs to be brought down and the system needs to be brought down as well.’

Chris Anglin, UCU Rep for the College of North East London, said: ‘We demand all those responsible for the manslaughter of the 72 that died in the Grenfell Tower must be brought to justice.

‘They said they can’t be prosecuted for evidence given at the inquiry. These companies made the savings of a few thousand pounds to put up cheap cladding which burnt like a bonfire.

‘This government are trying to make us pay for this crisis. I work at a college where they are trying to make sackings of lecturers and staff. Due to losing courses students are losing out on their education. All flammable cladding must be immediately removed.

‘The working class must come out on strike to defend every job. All factories threatened with closure must be occupied and nationalised under a workers’ government.’

Young Socialists member Jecoliah Frimpong also spoke, saying: ‘I came today to pay tribute and homage to all those who died. It could have been any one of our blocks. Three years have passed and still no justice has been served to the families involved in the tragedy.

‘As far as the government is concerned we are disposable. We have to be vocal for the people who were silenced.’