Medicine company workers fury over Iraq police attack


The Iraqi resistance is dealing daily blows against the US-UK led occupiers as it steps up its attacks.

Last Tuesday fighters  attacked with three mortars a US military headquarters in Al-Ramadi city in western Iraq.

The mortars landed on the headquarters, which the US troops set up two days before in the buildings of Dar-al-Ilm elementary and secondary schools in Al-Dubbat neighbourhood.

There were no casualties or damage in the area surrounding the two schools.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not there were casualties among the US soldiers in the headquarters.

The US troops’ seizure of the two schools created a state of confusion for the education directorate of the governorate, which was going to use the two schools as centres for holding the final exams of the elementary and secondary stages today. 

US Marines and Iraqi puppet forces Wednesday started security operations in the Al-Anbar Governorate in western Iraq.

The occupying forces said the goal of this operation is to purge the area located along the Euphrates between the cities of Hadithah and Hit of Iraqi resistance fighters.

The US occupiers added that the units participating in the operations are currently expanding their assault operations in Hit city and its suburbs, where many people were arrested to question them regarding the weapons hideouts found in the city.

The occupation authorities promised to disclose additional information about the operation when it becomes available.

The Hit Hospital Wednesday received the bodies of nine Iraqis who suffered gunshot wounds in vital parts of their bodies, mostly the head.

Medical sources at the hospital confirmed that the US troops arrested Hit Hospital Director, Nizar al-Kubaysi, and charged him with treating people who carry out armed operations against them.

US troops Wednesday threatened the residents of Hadithah, 210 km west of Baghdad in western Iraq, that they will carry out large-scale military operations in the coming two days unless they hand over elements of the Iraqi resistance.

The US troops threatened Hadithah residents through distributing leaflets in the city and using loudspeakers mounted on US military vehicles.

In a related development, six Iraqis, including a child and a woman, who was working in a field near Hadithah Dam where the US troops are stationed, were killed by US gunfire in the last week.

A medical source in Hadithah public hospital said that the US troops prevented ambulances from reaching the victims’ bodies in northern Hadithah.

Meanwhile, three puppet police commandos, affiliated with the Interior Ministry, were killed on Wednesday during clashes with Iraqi resistance fighters in Al-Samarra, 115 km north of Baghdad.

Samarra Public Hospital received the bodies of the three dead police commandos and six wounded.

They had sustained gunshot wounds in various parts of their bodies.

It emerged on Wednesday that the workers of the Public Medicine Manufacturing Company in Al-Samarra had staged a demonstration last week to protest against the way the Interior Ministry’s order enforcement units were treating the company’s employees.

Iraqi puppet forces stormed the company’s headquarters after an explosive device had gone off in the street in front of the building.

They opened fire on the employees’ cars and smashed their windshields and the company’s windows and destroyed the computers and telecommunications equipment.

They evacuated the company’s employees, including the engineers and technicians, to the front yard and forced them to kneel down on the ground while keeping the factory’s engines running without monitoring for a long time.

Also on Wednesday, 29 June, Al-Sharqiyah TV channel vowed to ‘remain steadfast in its independent patriotic position and to adhere to its own identity, which represents the Iraqi people’s aspirations for freedom’.

Al-Sharqiyah demanded an apology from the US occupying forces and called for starting an urgent and immediate investigation to determine the responsibility for the killing of its producer Ahmad Wa’il al-Bakri and to see that justice is done.

Al-Sharqiyah described the deceased as a martyr for the sake of freedom and an example of the sacrifices, which the innocent Iraqi people make every day in the light of the security deterioration in the country.

Ahmed Wa’il Bakri was buried Wednesday by family and friends amid anger and high emotions after his killing on Tuesday last week by the US occupation forces.

US convoys usually display warnings telling drivers to keep at least 100 metres away, fearing suicide attacks.

‘The Americans just do not care, this happens all the time,’ said an angry mourner at the funeral.

In an unusual move after the killing, the US embassy in Baghdad issued a statement of condolences to the family and his employer, the private Sharqiyah TV.

The statement said: ‘We were deeply saddened and hurt by Mr Wa’il al-Bakri’s death and as is the case with incidents of unintentional killing, the investigation is ongoing and we are trying our best to find out the details of the accident’

The apology was not accepted by the family during the funeral, and this was accompanied by women’s screams and shots fired into the air by angry Iraqi mourners.

Meanwhile, in an operation by the Iraqi resistance at dawn Wednesday, two people were wounded in an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) attack against the headquarters of Al-Muthanna Governorate in southern Iraq.

Local police said that the attack inflicted material damage on the building and nearby shops.

The Japanese Defence Ministry, whose troops are located there, claimed that the Japanese soldiers were not the target of these attacks and none of them was hurt.

The attack came hours after the death of a demonstrator and the injury of eleven others after the local police opened fire on some 2,000 unemployed people who were demonstrating in front of the governorate headquarters against the governor’s failure to issue decisions to employ them although a ministerial decision was issued in this regard two months ago.