Working Class Doesn’t Want The Tories


TO the shock and horror of the Tory Party, the latest YouGov poll shows that its lead over Labour has fallen to just two points, with the Tories on 37 per cent and Labour on 35 per cent.

This, if correct, and if it holds, would make for a minority Labour government, nine MPs short of an overall majority. This result would produce an enormous political crisis, and see the international speculators ditching the pound for all they are worth.

The poll shows that British workers are far too class conscious to swallow the line that the Tory ruling class masters are pushing, that PM Brown is just a thug.

It is more than obvious to workers that British imperialism has been one of the world’s biggest thugs both at home and abroad for the last 150 years, and still is.

This is why the stupid thuggery accusations have not had the slightest impact.

As well, the whole history of the working class in this country spells it out for the modern working class, that in a period of a desperate economic crisis a returned Tory government will drop the mask that it supports the NHS, etc, and lay into the working class to drive it back to the hungry 1930s, and even further.

This is why the Tories cannot say what is. They cannot state that from the moment that they take office they will be imposing savage cuts on the working class and the middle class to wipe out the £178bn current budget deficit. Instead, their pledges change from hour to hour as they try to wriggle their way into office.

However, the mass of workers who will not support the Tories, are also in opposition to the pro-bankers and pro-capitalist policies of Gordon Brown.

They know that the Tories will be much worse, but they also understand that Brown’s policy of sacrificing workers’ wages and jobs to keep the bankers rich is directly leading back to the Tories.

Corus steel workers are denouncing Brown and Mandelson for not saving their plant and their jobs, and are demanding that it be nationalised.

Cadbury workers are angry that a nationalised bank, the RBS, propped up with workers taxes, helped to finance the Kraft takeover that is putting them out of a job.

Workers at GM Luton are angry that they are to be fired, and the government will not nationalise the plant.

Behind these workers are millions of youth who are being deprived of jobs and are now seeing the government smash up their prospects of going to university, with their plan to lift the cap off fees, and to have savage university cuts.

These workers and youth condemn Brown as a bourgeois politician who lives off the back of the workers’ movement and has betrayed socialism and the working class.

These trends are an expression of the growing revolutionary movement in the working class.

The WRP and the Young Socialists will be standing ten WRP-YS candidates at the general election, in order to mobilise the working class and the youth for socialism.

The day after the next general election the economic and political crisis of British capitalism will erupt with volcanic force as the bosses and bankers of the world demand action against the working class and begin a run on the currency to drive forward such action.

A minority Labour or minority Tory government will organise the state to attack the working class as is happening in Greece.

WRP-YS candidates will warn workers about the nature of the situation and set out to organise the working class for the great battle directly ahead.

The WRP will organise the working class and the middle class to take general strike action, to fight the savage cuts programmes, and to go forward to bring down the government and bring in a workers’ government.

This must expropriate the bourgeoisie, and bring in a socialist planned economy to lay the basis for socialism.