Vote WRP Today To Carry Forward The Fight For Socialism!


NEWS LINE urges all of our readers and all workers and youth who are living in the five constituencies that the WRP is standing in this general election to vote WRP today.

These constituencies are Oxford East, Liverpool Garston, Hammersmith and Chiswick, Hackney South and Shoreditch, and Peckham.

It is vital that you vote WRP to show that you not only want to kick the Tories out for good, but that you are completely opposed to the Starmer Labour Party line.

This is to bring in compulsory conscription – National Service for youth, continue where the Tories left off and continue arming Israel, to prepare to fight an imperialist war against Russia and China, and to bring in new anti-union laws to deal with the working class and abolish the right to strike.

The UK is one of the countries that continues to supply the murderous Israeli state with bombs, arms and ammunition. There is no doubt that Starmer as PM will try to act in the same way as Sunak, the current Tory leader, who is continuing to arm the Israeli murder machine that is killing large numbers of Palestinian men, women, children and youth every single day.

Starmer will be operating the anti-union laws with a vengeance as he seeks to prove himself by carrying on from where Brown and Blair left off. He will bring in further anti-union legislation to end any notion that there is a ‘right to strike’.

In all of the areas where we are not standing we call on workers to vote Labour in order to keep the Tories out. This will create the conditions where the working class will respond to a Labour government that works for the bosses by taking general strike action to defend their rights, to bring Labour down and then bring in a Workers Government.

Once again, if a Labour government is elected in a period where the economic and political crisis of capitalism is worsening by the minute, such a government will rapidly go over completely to the bosses and bring in new measures to defend profits while cutting wages and benefits.

It will not waste a moment in bringing in new anti-union laws to illegalise the right to strike to try and keep capitalism going. The working class must bring down such a government to go forward to a workers government and socialism.

In fact, the world-wide capitalist order is on the rocks, from the USA to France, Germany and the UK. The USA is experiencing a political crisis where workers are making up their minds that they must go much further in defending their rights by bringing down the likes of Trump or Biden. They will have to go forward to a socialist republic.

Meanwhile in France and the UK, the working class is preparing for massive revolutionary actions to put an end to the capitalist crisis by getting rid of capitalism. In the USA, workers and youth are still occupying some of the universities and are battling with the police as their Congressional leaders are openly supporting Israel.

The USA is proving to be a centre of the world crisis. Twelve former US officials have already denounced President Joe Biden’s policies on Gaza as ‘a failure and a threat’ to the country’s national security, calling on the government to overhaul them and use all ‘available leverage’ to bring the ongoing war in Gaza to an immediate end.

The 12 signatories, who quit their posts over Biden’s determined approach in arming and rearming Israel, made a joint public statement titled ‘Service in Dissent’ which was released on Tuesday in conjunction with Independence Day, known colloquially as the Fourth of July.

‘Each of us has sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and as our nation celebrates its Independence Day, each of us are reminded that we resigned from government not to terminate that oath but to continue to abide by it; not to end our commitment to service, but to extend it’, the former officials stated.

‘This failed policy has not achieved its stated objectives,’ they said, noting that it has not brought safety to the Israeli regime and has rather been ‘devastating for the Palestinian people, ensuring a vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness, with all the implications of that cycle, for generations to come.’

The world is changing fast. Getting rid of capitalism and bringing in world-wide socialism is now the task of the hour. This is why we say vote WRP today and then move forward to organise the British and world socialist revolutions to put an end to capitalism and bring in worldwide socialism!