US workers deal Bush, Blair and Olmert a heavy blow


WHAT is being called in the US a ‘voter uprising’ has driven Bush’s Republicans out of their control of the House of Representatives, and is threatening to do the same in the Senate, with recounts in Montana and Virginia ongoing.

This mid-term result is also a body blow to Bush’s main allies, the Blair government in Britain and the Zionist clique that rules in Israel.

As far as Blair is concerned the issue is what price the puppet when the puppetmaster has been struck down?

Blair, already due to give evidence, under caution, to the Met police on the cash for peerages scandal, will now be hustled out of office double quick by the legions of Labour MPs who are terrified about losing their luxurious life styles at the next general election.

The men in charge of the Israeli mass murder machine will no longer be able to count on the immediate and unconditional support of Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld, now that Bush has been crippled, and Rumsfeld is for the chop.

For the struggling masses of Iraq, Palestine and the Lebanon the mid-term elections are a stirring demonstration of the fact that the US working class does not support the imperialist assault on the Middle East, and is in fact their ally, in the same way that the US people was an ally of the Vietnamese people, right up to the point where the US military was forced to flee from that country.

The driving forces of the uprising of US voters against the Bush regime are the defeat of the US army in Iraq at the hands of the insurgents, the defeat of the Israeli intervention in the Lebanon and the rage of tens of millions of US workers at the anti-working class policies of Bush.

He set out to privatise social security and gave billions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich, at the same time as he left the people of New Orleans to their fate after the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

He brought in measures to weaken the trade unions, and supported the destruction of US workers living standards, with mass sackings in the motor car industry, the export of millions of jobs abroad, and by giving full support to the employers drive to push up productivity and hold down wages, at a time when the cost of living for workers is climbing rapidly.

The defeat suffered by the Bush regime is going to give a new and much greater impetus to the struggle of the US workers who in the next two years will go onto the offensive against the Bush regime.

It will also lead to millions more workers in the Middle East joining the struggle to drive the imperialists and the Zionists out of Iraq and out of the region.

The Democratic Party, in the next two years or afterwards, will not be able to satisfy the requirements of the US workers for decent well paid jobs, and for national health care and national pension schemes.

Meanwhile, the struggle to withdraw all US troops from Iraq will reach boiling point.

To carry out the above tasks the US workers will need a Labour Party that will tackle the root cause of the crisis and that is the rule of the capitalists and bankers in the United States.

The sharpness of the class struggle will force the working class and a section of the trade union bureaucracy to found a Labour Party in the days ahead when the Democrats reveal that their differences with Bush are minor, not major.

However, the trade union bureaucracy which is permanently on its knees in front of capitalism will be incapable of leading a workers party.

To provide the leadership that the working class requires a section of the International Committee of the Fourth International must be built rapidly in the US.

Only the Trotskyist movement – with its conception of the nature of the epoch being that of the the death agony of capitalism, when the working class of the world has to go forward to socialism – can lead the US working class forward to the Socialist United States of America.