UK workers will not go the way of Greece and Syriza – Quit the EU now and nationalise banks and industries!


THE G20 has concluded with the imperialist powers at each others’ throats after being under permanent siege by tens of thousands of anti-capitalist youth.

The G20 began just after US President Trump had visited Poland where he eulogised Polish nationalism and signed a separate deal to supply Poland with gas and oil, stabbing the EU leaders in the back.

The G20 was unable to publish a unifying joint statement and had to recognise that the US had withdrawn from the Paris Climate Change Agreement (with Turkey and other states considering following the US example).

Then Trump completed his anti-EU action by publicly coming to the aid of the UK Tory leader May, offering the UK a ‘super quick’ trade deal once the UK leaves the EU. He also intimated that he would shortly visit the UK, which he aims to turn into an American dependency, another Costa Rica.

The post-war settlement whereby the US was recognised as the leader of world capitalism has now been broken apart and given way to an open EU-US antagonism, with German capitalism running the EU.

This has plunged the UK ruling class into a huge crisis. Its leading lights have to decide whether to submit to Washington or Brussels, since all the UK’s manoeuvrings since the end of the Second World War prove that British capitalism cannot stand on its own two feet.

The fact of the matter is that a majority of the Tory party and its leaders including May, voted to ‘Remain’ in the EU, and were shocked by the ‘Leave’ vote in the referendum. Also shocked to the core were the Labour leaders, the vast majority of the parliamentary Labour Party, the TUC and the major trade unions who all supported ‘Remain’ and were all called to order by the vote of millions of UK workers.

Now the knives are out after the EU made it clear that the UK is to get the ‘Greek treatment’, and the UK’s big bosses and bankers respond that the UK must remain in the single market, and the customs union, and accept the European Court! The EU Commission is waving the big stick and the bosses, bankers and many MPs are already dancing to its tune.

The collaborators of the dictatorial EU Commission are now coming out of the woodwork with would-be LibDem leader Cable declaring he is ‘beginning to think Brexit may never happen’. He said ‘enormous’ divisions in the Labour and the Tory parties and a ‘deteriorating’ economy would make people think again’. In other words, the people are about to be taught a lesson!

There are now large numbers of Labour, Tory, LibDem and nationalist MPs who want to bend the knee to Brussels, and stab the ‘Leave’ vote in the back, while another section of MPs would prefer to be part of the Trump menagerie. This split in the ruling class and its supporters, not only denotes that the UK ruling class is now a minor power, that wants to sell itself to the highest bidder, it also means that British capitalism has reached the end of the road and must be dispatched through a socialist revolution.

The working class must mobilise to end this ruling class grovelling at the feet of the European Council, or as an alternative Donald Trump. Workers must reply to the threats of the EU by mobilising to demand that the UK breaks at once with the EU, and that the threats of the bosses and bankers in the UK are met with the nationalisation of the banks and the major industries.

The UK workers will not go the way of Syriza. The Labour Party’s recent election success was fuelled by its decision to assure workers that it respected the Brexit referendum result and the UK was leaving the EU, the single market and the customs union. To retain working class support Labour must maintain this policy and the 49 or so MPs who want to renege on the election manifesto must be de-selected and replaced by socialists.

Corbyn said at the Durham Miners Gala that Labour was now ‘a government in waiting’, however it must not wait too long, or history will pass it by. There must be an immediate campaign by Labour and the trade unions to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers’ government that will break with the EU, nationalise the banks and the major industries, and join hands with the workers of Europe to replace the EU with the Socialist United States of Europe. This is the only way forward.