UK workers are not slaves – they have the right to defend their wages and their jobs against the UK ruling class


AS WORKERS well know, the coming winter is going to be a desperate affair with sky-high inflation and food and energy rationing, leaving families hungry and shivering in the cold, and turning millions of workers and their families into paupers.

This is the price that the working class is paying for the UK and the NATO states entering the war in the Ukraine, by sending billions of pounds of arms and equipment so that the Ukrainian fascists can continue to fight Russia, and hopefully weaken it, to the point where a regime change in Russia can be contemplated by the imperialists.

Leaders like ex-PM Johnson have got the cheek to try and tell UK workers that they are being starved by the British bosses in the cause of ‘freedom’ for Ukraine, with oil prices and food prices rocketing upwards, and the EU on the brink of energy rationing, and many parts of the world on the brink of starvation.

In fact, it is the out of date capitalist system that is fighting for its life. In the days ahead it will have to defend itself against the revolutionary movement of the UK workers, who will not stand by and watch their families starve and shiver in the cold of the winter, as the likes of Truss plan huge cuts in the NHS!

Johnson has just told the world that this collapse of working class living standards in the UK, the US and the EU is part of the advance of the struggle for freedom in the Ukraine, and we should be proud that we are paying that price. We should be ready to starve for the benefit of the Ukrainian fascists and the prospect of a war with Russia!

In fact what is going on in the Ukraine is the product of a fascist coup d’etat in 2014 organised by the EU and the US that overthrew the Ukrainian Yanukovych government, and led to a civil war in the Ukraine, the burning down of the Hall of the Trade Unions in Odessa with the loss of over 40 lives, the Crimea breaking away from the Ukraine and reuniting with Russia, and the people of the Donetsk region taking up arms to keep the fascists at bay.

The war in the Ukraine, and the determination of the EU and the UK and the US ruling classes to keep it going has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do with a desperate attempt by the imperialist powers to try and maintain their bankrupt capitalist system.

This faces not just the Russian and Chinese workers states but also a working class in the UK, US and EU that is refusing to starve and give up all of its gains such as the NHS to allow bankrupt capitalism to keep going.

The war in the Ukraine and the intervention of the US and the UK, has got nothing to do with any defence of freedom, but is in fact a desperate attempt to maintain the world capitalist order, at the expense of the working class of the world.

This is not a war to defend freedom, It is a war to seek to maintain the blood-soaked capitalist system at the expense of the workers of the world, who are being told that they must learn to ‘starve for freedom’.

The reality is the opposite. The ruling classes of the planet are willing to see the workers of the UK and the EU starve and shiver in the cold, in a desperate attempt to push back the struggle for workers power and socialism.

In fact the UK ruling class and its Tory regime are getting ready to knife the NHS and bring in new anti- union laws that will make the right to strike illegal.

The new Tory leadership around Truss is preparing to bring in anti-union laws that will allow strikes to be legally broken up, and those who resist such tactics jailed and fined.

The same Truss is talking about raiding the NHS budget to destabilise the NHS and to have millions of pounds diverted to ‘Social Care’. Truss and Co are determined to smash the NHS and make the right to strike illegal. They are planning to smash the power of the trade unions and smash the NHS along with it.

They will then have the forces at hand for their great war for ‘freedom’ to reimpose imperialist domination and put Russia and China back into the dark ages.

This is the future that Truss and Co are seeking to create. The response of the working class must be to build the revolutionary leadership of the WRP in the struggle to organise a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a socialist planned and nationalised economy as part of the world socialist revolution. This is the way forward!