UK Ruling Class On Its Knees Before Brussels – Time For The UK Socialist Revolution!


EUROPEAN Union leaders have said the Brexit withdrawal agreement with the UK is ‘not open for renegotiation’, after appeals from PM Theresa May. She repeatedly declared that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and now wants any deal that she can get her hands on. With her bluff called, the full extent of the decline and the prospects for the imminent fall of British imperialism are being revealed to all.

The EU leadership is driving the British ruling class onto its knees, to the point where it will overthrow May to be in a position to beg forgiveness from its masters in Brussels, and plead that it should be allowed back into the EU fold, with its tail between its legs, as a living example to other EU states, that this is what happens to you if you defy Brussels.

This crisis demonstrates that not only is the British ruling class a shadow of its former imperial self but that the British ‘democratic game’ is up. This game allowed the ruling class to maintain its position and retain ownership of the means of production, via a two-party system, where the Tories rule, and Labour takes the helm when workers are really angry and holds the fort until the master class is ready to take back full political control.

This is how it functioned in the Atlee, Churchill, Macmillan, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown years. It was were able to survive the miners’ strike and then the Poll Tax revolution, because the two parties were fully functioning and were able to take the strain and play their assigned roles.

The two-party system was Tory and Labour alternating in government with Labour taking the strain in times of crisis until their masters were ready to take the reins again. This cosy relationship blew apart when Osborne and Cameron gambled on a referendum to stay in the EU to put an end to the menace of the Eurosceptics in the Tory Party.

This opportunity was seized by the masses who had been robbed to keep the bankers going after Brown’s deregulation helped on the banking crash, during which and after the masses were pauperised. They paid Cameron back, and voted for Brexit, dealing the bosses and the bankers an enormous blow.

Their victory shook the Labourites and led to Corbyn taking control of the Labour Party. It led to a deep split in the Tory party when the Eurosceptics broke with all those in the City and elsewhere who were wedded to the EU, including the Labourites who had made their fortunes as odd-jobbing EU commissioners and were therefore not prepared to quit the good times of the EU.

Brexit has broken the Tory party into two factions. The anger of the masses has frightened the Labourites so badly that they are fearful of bringing down May to become the government, because the masses are so out of control.

Labour’s right wing agrees with the Tories that a Corbyn government would be seized by the masses to complete the job that began with the Brexit revolution and smash UK capitalism, to make the bosses and bankers pay for everything that the workers and poor have suffered since the crash!

The two-party system of running British capitalism has now broken down. Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall and as the rhyme declares ‘all of the kings horses and all of the kings men cannot put Humpty together again’.

With the two-party system in pieces and the Tory party shattered, the bosses dread a Labour election victory, since the out of control masses will take it as a signal to do their worst, as far as the big bosses and bankers are concerned, who they were forced to save by Brown and then Cameron.

This is why any attempt to knife Brexit with either a second referendum or by a coup following the advice of the European Court that the UK could rescind Article 50 and get on its knees to rejoin the EU, will be met by a massive explosion of working class anger.

With the two-party system down the pan, the British ruling class needs a Bonapartist military police dictatorship to ensure that it will continue its rule over the masses. However this will take some imposing!

The collapse of the Tories and the advent of a Corbyn-led government will bring millions onto the streets. The question of the hour is building up the leadership of the Workers Revolutionary Party rapidly, to mobilise the working class to take the power in the UK and to carry forward the European Socialist Revolution.