Trump is attacking the Chinese workers – US and UK workers must support the Chinese people! Our enemy is at home!


THE US bosses have ramped up their ongoing campaign of economic and political sanctions against China. The House of Representatives has passed a bill calling for new sanctions against alleged human rights abuses against a Muslim minority group, the Uighurs, from the Xinjiang province.

The bill, rushed through on Tuesday with little opposition, gave the full support of US imperialism to the Uighurs. This is after the US extended the hand of solidarity to the right-wing students in Hong Kong who want the region returned to its British colonial status.

The Uighur Act of 2019 strengthens an earlier version carried by the Senate in September and instructs the Trump administration to impose sanctions on a member of the ruling Chinese politburo.

This latest escalation of US interference in the internal affairs of China follows hard on the heels of Trump signing into law last week, legislation supporting the anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, which also called for sanctions on Chinese officials it accused of being responsible for ‘human rights abuses’.

In both cases, the US government has claimed the high moral ground of defending ‘democratic’ and ‘human rights’ from abuses by the Chinese.

The Democratic leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, called the treatment of the Uighurs ‘an outrage to the collective conscience of the world’ and she added ominously ‘America is watching.’

The Chinese foreign ministry, which insists that camps for the Uighurs are for ‘re-education’, reacted with fury at this latest move saying the bill ‘wantonly smears China’s efforts to eliminate and combat extremism’ and that the Uighur bill further exposes America’s ‘hypocrisy and sinister intentions.’

When it comes to hypocrisy and sinister intentions imperialism has no equal.

This new-found concern for the human rights of the Muslim Uighurs is in stark contrast to the total disregard for the human rights and the lives of the many hundreds of thousands killed in imperialist wars, or the South American masses that are kept out of the US by Trump’s wall and Trump’s gunmen.

The human rights record of the UK and US stinks! It is estimated that the US-UK invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq cost the lives of over half a million people while the unsuccessful war to overthrow the government of Syria has cost more than 500,000 lives – and these are last year’s figures.

In Libya, airstrikes by NATO planes killed over a thousand civilians and wounded 4,500, while casualties are still piling up in a country torn apart by the imperialist powers.

Any abuses committed by the Chinese Stalinists against the Uighur people pale in comparison to the murderous wars conducted by imperialism in its struggle to re-impose its domination throughout the world. In fact, it was not so long ago that the British concession in Shanghai paraded in its park a ‘no dogs or Chinese allowed’ notice.

The passage of Trump’s anti-China measures is in fact an expression of a huge fear that the growing strength of China after the 1949 workers revolution, spells out that the end of imperialism is near at hand.

In fact, the Chinese Stalinist bureaucracy is paying the price for its policy of ‘one state two social systems’, that has allowed the capitalists to make a comeback in Hong Kong and even contemplate returning to power throughout the whole of China.

Trump is going from trade war to sanctions, and from there, the prospect is that the US will be requested by a pro-capitalist gang in China to intervene to restore the ‘freedom and democracy’ under which the Chinese people were humiliated and enslaved before the 1949 revolution.

From trade war to sanctions the next step for imperialism is inevitably a shooting war.

The working class of the world will not stand by and watch the US-UK gangster ruling class mobilise against the Chinese people.

The historic mission of the UK and US working class is to come to the aid of the Chinese people by smashing the British and US ruling class.

Our enemy is at home. Defend China by overthrowing US and UK capitalism! Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution.