RMT calls for talks – pickets call for a workers’ government!

RMT leader MICK CASH (centre) with South Western Railway strikers on the picket line at Waterloo Station yesterday

RAIL UNION RMT yesterday issued a fresh call for further talks as members across the length and breadth of South Western Railway stood firm on the second day of the December strike action in the fight for safe and accessible rail travel for all.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘Our members are solidly supporting the second day of this phase of strike action and are standing firm the length and breadth of the franchise in defence of the role of the guard, accessibility and the safest method of train despatch and operation.

‘It is frankly ludicrous for the company to simply jam their heads in the sand rather than getting back round the table to get the same deal back on track that they pulled away from at the last minute in earlier negotiations.

‘A deal is there to be done which would cost the company nothing and which would give the safety and accessibility guarantees at the platform/train interface that we have been seeking. SWR need to get out of the bunker and get back into talks.’

Yesterday, on the second day of the South Western Railway guards strike there was a big picket line at Waterloo Station.

Daniel Obatunde told News Line – ‘I think the strike is going well. We are getting support from the people passing by.

‘I know the government and media have been attacking us but I think people know we are doing this to keep them safe.

‘This strike is about putting people’s safety before money. Everybody appreciates the guards being on the train to keep them safe because they know we are professionals.

‘Our employers don’t really care about this. The government keeps paying the bosses millions while we are on strike. Our money goes to pay company owners and shareholders while we are here wanting to make people safer.

‘The money should go to making the trains safer. This government can’t be trusted, they should be kicked out. They are not for the workers. We need a workers government.’