Trump and Fallon slam May’s deal while ‘Remainer’ Corbyn prepares to debate with ‘Remainer’ May!


THE BREXIT war sharpened yesterday when both President Trump and ex-Tory Minister Michael Fallon rounded on May’s capitulation to the EU through her recognition of the EU’s Customs Union and the role of the European Court of Justice as its policeman.

Trump, who is already involved in a trade war with the EU – which is more and more regarding the USA as a potential enemy – condemned the deal saying the withdrawal agreement ‘sounds like a great deal for the EU . . . Right now if you look at the deal, the UK may not be able to trade with us. And that wouldn’t be a good thing.’

Ex-Tory defence secretary Fallon chimed in that ‘May is doomed’, that the EU agreement is the ‘worst of all worlds’ and the PM’s future is ‘up to colleagues’. May visited Wales and Northern Ireland yesterday to try to seek support, no doubt with DUP leader Arlene Foster’s words ringing in her ears that her trip was ‘a waste of time’ and Parliament will not support her deal.

She said that May had ‘given up’ on trying to secure a better deal for Northern Ireland.

Parliament is to vote on 11 December whether to accept or reject the terms of the UK’s withdrawal and future relations negotiated by May.

Meanwhile, judges at the European Court of Justice have concluded a four-hour hearing on whether the UK can call off the process of leaving the EU without permission from member states, with a verdict due shortly. Those pushing the court case say it will provide MPs with the opportunity to call off Brexit altogether.

If the ECJ votes ‘yes’, it clears the way for a coup attempt to revoke Article 50 by the Remain majority in the UK Parliament to ditch Brexit! This would see the House of Commons ditching ‘no deal’ by ditching Brexit itself.

That such a tactic would bring the UK to the brink of civil war is obvious, but such desperate times for British capitalism require truly desperate measures. Fallon already states that the 29 March 2019 date for Brexit, which is enshrined in UK law, may have to be pushed back to give negotiators the time to make major improvements to the agreement.

Meanwhile, the EU has made it clear that there is only one deal on the table.

Downing Street has now intervened to state that May is ready to defend her bad deal with the EU in a TV debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – who favours an even worse deal!

It has been reported the debate will take place on 9th December – to set the scene for the Parliamentary vote on PM May’s deal due to take place two days later. However, workers far and wide are condemning this debate just before the House of Commons vote as both a dangerous fraud and an attempt to deceive the masses of people. The two leaders, May and Corbyn, are both Remainers. They both voted to remain in the EU.

When Cameron and Osborne were forced to resign, May was imposed on the Tory Party, with the election for Tory leader abandoned, to place her into office to do the job that she has done – to tie the UK to the EU for years ahead. Corbyn is deceiving the people. He voted to ‘Remain’  while for years he opposed the EU.

He is now campaigning against a ‘no deal’ break with the EU jailhouse, and further campaigning for the UK to remain in the EU, both in its Single Market and the Customs Union. Neither of these two leaders reflect the views of the 17 million plus voters who voted ‘Leave’ and who won the Referendum.

The problem with this debate is that it is for Remainers only, and ignores the majority who are determined to leave via ‘no deal’ if necessary. The working class wants to leave, taking with it the £39bn separation fee, and further taking the Leave campaign forward to deal with the real problems that millions of workers face, by expropriating the bosses and the bankers and going forward to socialism.

Only the WRP, and a number of trade unions such as the RMT and Aslef, are battling for the real interests of the working class. Workers must join the WRP today to organise a general strike against the parliamentary conspiracy to smash Brexit, and must leave with no deal, launching the struggle for socialism through Europe.