WITH THE EUROPEAN ELECTIONS fast approaching, the bourgeois democratic system through which the capitalist ruling class has ruled over the working class in the UK is in full meltdown.

An Electoral Calculus Poll of polls has found that a general election would see Labour winning 296 seats  against 259 for the Tory Party. Such a Labour government would need propping up by the SNP and the Lib Dems.

The findings have caused panic inside the Tory Party with officials of the 1922 Committee scurrying to change its rules so that the Committee can hold another leadership election to dump PM May at all costs. Tories are refusing to stand in the forthcoming EU elections and are also refusing to canvass and campaign for them.

However, Labour is not cheering from the rooftops at the verdict of this latest opinion poll, since the right wing majority of Labour MPs, unlike the masses of workers, are opposed to a Corbyn-led Labour government. Labour’s right wing’s fear is that the working class will force Corbyn into a massive nationalisation drive to put an end to Tory austerity forever.

Labour’s right wing is not keen on the current May-Corbyn talks, and is demanding that there must be a second referendum. It is now warning Corbyn that the Labour manifesto for the EU elections must contain a pledge for a second referendum otherwise they will move to bring him down!

In fact, during the ongoing talks between the Labour Party and the Tories to find a formula to avoid the European elections by getting May’s ‘withdrawal deal’ passed, the Tories are adopting Labour’s position to agree to a customs union and to a permanent realignment with the EU, while the Labour delegation has been split.

Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, is not over-keen on such a package that would scupper the EU elections, if it was carried by the House of Commons.

He insists that a second referendum be part of the deal, and as well be in the Labour Party European elections manifesto.

Former Labour Foreign Secretary, Margaret Becket  has also insisted that a second referendum must figure in the manifesto for the European elections.

She has said: ‘It is very important that there is a clear message about where Labour stands. In my view that clear and simple message should be that there should be a confirmatory vote of the British people.’

However, Labour right winger Stephen Kinnock disagrees. He says, revealing the nature of the plot, that the focus must be on reaching a cross-party agreement, not on forcing through a second referendum into the  Labour manifesto for the EU elections.

He said: ‘Most Labour colleagues are very encouraged by media reports that we may be within touching distance of an exit deal that  protects jobs, environmental standards and workers rights.

‘If this is indeed the case then it’s vital that we do not allow the negotiations to be torpedoed by insisting on a public vote.’

The ‘Remainer’ no compromisers want to use the ‘second referendum’ to abort any deal with May, to keep the EU elections on the road and to demand the full backing of the EU for there being second referendum.

The position of the WRP remains unchanged. We are calling for a boycott of the European elections and that the working class takes action to force the break with the EU at once – using its full power, both industrial and political.

The working class must mobilise to bring down the totally discredited May government, and bring in a Workers Government that will cancel the EU elections, break with the EU and put an end to the Tory regime of permanent austerity by nationalising the banks and the major industries, putting them under workers management to bring in a planned socialist


This will provide a brilliant example to the workers of Europe on how to deal with the bosses and bankers of the EU.

They will not be slow on the uptake and will overthrow the bosses and bankers EU, replacing it with the  Socialist United States of Europe, which the    British working class will be very proud to be part of!