The world crisis and the fascist slaughter in Norway


THE fascist, Breivik, who carried out the mass murder of up to 100, mainly youth in Oslo and attempted to murder the Labour Prime Minister, was neither acting alone nor is he a lunatic.

This coward, who laughed as he shot his innocent victims, values his own life and refused to end it in a battle with Norwegian police or special forces.

He obviously considers that he has a political career ahead, as a rallying banner and example for the right wing internationally. This is why he published his manifesto of opposition to immigrants, liberals, socialists, trade unionists and Marxists for the world to see, in advance of his foul deeds.

He had to assemble huge quantities of fertiliser to construct a bomb, and conduct tests to make sure that it would work, and then convey the 500-1,000 pound bomb to where it would be exploded and cause maximum damage. This was before proceeding to the island to begin the mass murder of young people.

Even if the guns, ammunition and police uniform had been pre-sited on the island, a number of people will have known what was being prepared on the farm that Breivik bought specifically as a place for his many automatic weapons to be held, while he developed his bombing skills.

Far from being an isolated madman, he also boasted about his international contacts and included in them the English Defence League – the racist gang that has been staging anti-Muslim protests.

Breivik is part of the international counter-revolutionary movement that is emerging in opposition to the worldwide revolutionary developments that are taking place from Greece, to Libya, throughout North Africa and even in the UK and the United States.

These revolutionary developments are erupting and being driven forward by the worldwide economic crisis and collapse of capitalism, which is deepening on a daily basis.

Everywhere, ruling classes are organising their state apparatuses to do battle with the working class to force it to accept wage cuts, job cuts, pension cuts, and the destruction of free state education and health services. These are the basic ruling class requirements to save their system.

It is being taken for granted that the working class has no option but to fight these attacks.

However, for the working class to win, it will have to overthrow the ruling class governments and smash their state forces to go forward to workers’ states and socialism.

The fascists have now delivered their calling card to show to the ruling classes just how far they are willing to go to save the capitalist system.

Hitlerism and the ‘brown plague’ emerged out of the last great capitalist crisis. A new ‘brown plague’ is now emerging to put its services at the disposal of the ruling class, which has already in the near past employed such forces in the north of Ireland.

In fact, in the UK, the ruling class is urging a purge of its state of bent policemen and bent politicians to try to ready it for the class struggles directly ahead.

Cameron has already spoken about recruiting police chiefs from outside of the service, directly from the military officer corps.

This proposal will merely whet the appetite of those who want to see a strong government to crush the working class.

They will argue that the police were deep into the Murdoch fleshpots, but that their political masters in the government were involved right up to their necks. If army officers can replace police chiefs then why cannot the same ‘incorruptibles’ replace government ministers at a time when bourgeois democracy and parliament have been corrupted.

This strong state will be prepared to work with extreme right wingers who are prepared to stop at nothing, and have now advertised what they are prepared to do.

The lesson for the working class from the fascist outrage in Norway and from the corruption of the British capitalist state is that there must be a socialist revolution to sweep the whole lot – the bosses, bankers and ‘the brown plague’ – into the dustbin of history, to replace capitalism with socialism.