The West must stand with Israel and Ukraine, trumpets the about-to-be sold off Telegraph!


IT is only natural that The Daily Telegraph stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Zionist military child-killers who have drowned the Gaza Strip with blood and dead bodies, and destroyed the region’s network of hospitals as they try to disperse the Palestinian nation – all to try to make sure that the Middle East and the Red Sea region with their colossal wealth and strategic trading positions remain firmly in the grip of the desperate imperialist powers.

This policy goes hand-in-hand with their desperation that Russia must be weakened no matter what it takes and how many lives it costs to keep the Ukrainian fascists in power. They are prepared to smash the NHS and terminate basic rights to generate the cash to rearm on a massive scale to undo the Russian and Chinese revolutions!

The reality is that capitalism is in its death agony. British capitalism is bankrupt, the EU is split and divided and the USA is going into a presidential election to see which of two bankrupts, the Republican Trump or the Democrat Biden, is to rule.

Meanwhile, the British Parliament staggers on split and divided and demoralised after the desperate manoeuvre that was carried out last week to prevent the Scottish Nationalist Party motion for an immediate and permanent Gaza ceasefire from being debated and voted on.

This was a vote that would have split the Labour Party and brought down the government with a crash. This was just avoided by a desperate manoeuvre to prevent the Scottish National Party motion being moved. Now, having just about survived a political disaster, the Tories are pushing to carry out a war on two fronts – at the expense of the working class!

First of all, they are insisting that the UK working class must be dealt savage blows to destroy the NHS, even if this means radicalising hundreds of thousands of doctors, that benefits must be slashed and that the legislation that bans the right to strike must be used as soon as possible to put the trade unions into permanent chains.

The plan is to slash the living standards of the working class in a way that has not been done since the 1930s and to transfer the colossal savings into military expenditure to carry out a war on two fronts, to destroy the Welfare State at home and to launch a truly desperate war with Russia and China.

This perspective will be carried out at the expense of the working class by destroying its trade unions and its hard won basic rights, including the right to strike.

Desperate times for capitalism are leading to truly desperate measures against the working class, not just anti-union union laws.

A glimpse of what is being prepared can be seen by the current demands that there must be permanent bodyguards for MPs, with police chiefs taking the lead – as a police chief has just warned: ‘The Israel-Hamas war has become a “generational moment” of radicalisation.’

The situation is becoming so desperate that the Telegraph revealed that: ‘Security personnel working for private firms are guarding constituency surgeries and provide close protection for a growing number of politicians who are assessed to be at risk by the authorities.’

There is no doubt that the growing counter-revolution of the ruling classes will be met head on by the massive revolutionary movement of the working class that is now emerging rapidly, goaded on by the world crisis.

This is not just a British process, it is a worldwide phenomenon, as the capitalist crisis deepens and the bosses seek to blame the working people of the world and make them pay for it.

The answer is to build branches of the WRP all over the UK to lead the developing British socialist revolution, and to have at its base a mass youth movement of hundreds of thousands of revolutionary youth.

This is the way forward, and not just in the UK. Revolutionary parties and youth movements must be built up all over the world.

World capitalism is now in a desperate crisis. The Ukraine crisis which requires a political revolution by the Ukrainian working class to take back the power from the bureaucracy is just a symptom of the worldwide revolution that is emerging.

Now is the time to build sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International to lead the victory of the world socialist revolution and to dump capitalism into the dustbin of history!