The UK ruling class is split, unable to rule, and frightened by the mass movement of the working class


YESTERDAY Tory PM May pledged that she would not allow the British people’s vote for Brexit to be sabotaged.

The would-be sabatoeurs are the majority of MPs of all parties, Labour, Tory, Liberal, Welsh Nationalist and SNP, most of the peers of the realm, and the judiciary who are now firmly part of the Brussels bureaucratic establishment.

The judiciary has just stabbed the 17 million plus people in the back for voting for the UK to leave the EU. This was after the people of the UK had been requested by the House of Commons to make the decision on the issue through the referendum. May who voted to remain in the EU, had to be appointed as party leader, when former PM Cameron collapsed on his sword after the referendum result.

The 1922 Committee which runs the Tory Party was so frightened of having a leadership election, just after the Brexit shock, that it made May leader, without an election. Yesterday, as the leader of the Tory Party she could do no other than refuse to surrender to the pro-EU establishment, since any other attitude would have seen her removed as party leader by the angry mass of the Tory Party membership, who are growing ever more angry by the hour.

Just a few weeks ago ex-Labour PM and ex-warlord, Blair announced: ‘We are all insurgents now,’ on behalf of the UK’s pro-EU establishment who cannot conceive that UK capitalism, its bankers and bosses, can survive in any other way than being the US’ representative in the EU, where it is willing to play third fiddle to Germany and France.

This insurgency is now well under way, with plots being laid for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to delay the activisation of Article 50 indefinitely, until events, including some very heavy blows from the deepening world crisis of capitalism, such as galloping inflation, are used alongside the ‘punishment’ of an NHS that is being deliberately collapsed, to wear the masses down and persuade them to bow to the will of the ruling class and submit to rule by the EU bosses and bankers who have already laid waste to Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

However, the right wing insurgents of all parties, including some leaders of the TUC are misjudging the temper of the working class and the youth entirely. The tenacious struggles of the junior doctors and the RMT rail workers are just anticipations of the mass movement that is emerging, and which is now doubly angry at the attempts to dump the EU referendum result.

This mass movement will do battle to stop the NHS closures, and save the A&Es. It will fight tigerishly for big wage rises as inflation lets rip, and will greet any new banking collapse (already forecast by the IMF and others) with a revolutionary anger to make the bosses and bankers pay for their own crisis.

The issue of the hour is the building of the revolutionary leadership of the working class so as to be prepared to mobilise the great movement that is emerging to take the power and establish a workers’ government and socialism. The programme of this movement is being drawn up by this crisis situation. It is to sack the judiciary, and shut down the House of Lords and the House of Commons, replacing them with a network of workers’ councils (soviets) through which the new workers’ government will rule.

Its economic policy will be to nationalise the banks and the major industries under workers’ control to establish a planned socialist economy that will be able to satisfy the people’s needs. It will also expropriate the massive luxury tower blocks that are being built in London and other cities to house the homeless, as millions of new homes are built.

The UK workers’ government will make an appeal to the workers of the EU to bring down the European Union and replace it with a Socialist United States of Europe that the UK workers will be only too pleased to join.

This is the way forward and the EU referendum result, and the splits and divisions in the ruling class show that this revolutionary leap is fast approaching. We must make sure that we are ready for it!