The EU Remains In Charge As All Parties Await Its Decision On Extending Eu Leaving Date!


THE EU is definitely still in charge of Brexit and the ‘Brexit debate’.

MPs await its decision today after Tory leader Johnson dumped the ‘no deal outcome’ when he anonymously informed the EU executive of the Benn ‘Surrender Act’ decision. This was that the ‘Remain’ parliament requested from the EU a three-month postponement of the date for ‘Leaving the EU’ from October 31 to January 31!

The fact that he accompanied his unsigned note by phone calls to the same EU leaders declaring his opposition to any change in the leaving date emphasises that he was always a servant of the capitalist state and will never defy it!

He won the support of millions when he said that he would rather be ‘found dead in a ditch’ than communicate the surrender decision to the EU. Now he is squandering the vast support he achieved. Now both Leaver and Remainer parliamentary factions await the EU decision. It is definitely in charge.

PM Johnson hopes that the EU faction headed by Macron wins the day, and changes the EU leaving date by some seven to 14 days, with an instruction that since the Withdrawal Bill has been agreed in principle, if its detail is not agreed in two weeks, then the UK will be out of the EU, regardless of the ‘Remain’ parliamentary majority. Johnson is looking to Macron to resolve the EU crisis.

Johnson warned the EU yesterday that the result of another three months’ postponement will be that ‘Parliament will just waste the next three months like it has wasted the last three years.’ He added, ‘If parliament cannot agree a way forward then it is time for a new parliament – and the only means of doing this is via a general election.’

Johnson has proposed 12th December as the general election date, and is due to move this today in the House of Commons. If successful, he will then get on with the task of mobilising the extra-parliamentary Brexit majority to give the Tories an electoral majority to reach his deal with the EU, while at the same time embracing Trump and the US capitalists as his saviours.

In the face of this ‘threat’, the LibDems and the SNP have united to demand a general election for December 9th, asking their EU President Tusk to grant a three-month extension of the Brexit leaving date, to facilitate this project.

At the same time, Remain Labour and LibDem MPs are planning to move in parliament to try to get immediate voting rights for 16 and 17 year-olds and EU nationals in the UK to desperately try and achieve a majority. They mistakenly think that youth will submit to being their ‘useful idiots’!

The Tories are considering putting down a one-line general election bill to secure a general election on December 12 by a simple majority of MPs rather than by the 434 MPs’ votes that are required under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

The LibDems and the SNP intend to introduce a short amendment to the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, which would allow them to specify the polling day for the next election as 9 December. Lib Dem leader Swinson said: ‘We need to get Boris Johnson out of office, unlock the gridlock in parliament and give people the chance to vote to stay in the EU.’

Johnson’s plan for an election on December 12 is to obtain a simple majority for a one-line Bill rather than the two-thirds of MPs required under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

The LibDem and SNP amendment to the Act would only need a simple majority, if they can get the parliamentary time for it to be debated. They trust that speaker Bercow will continue being amenable as far as their project is concerned.

In their letter to Tusk, the SNP’s Blackford and LibDem leader Swinson urged the EU to grant a longer three-month extension to ‘give parliament the assurance that a No Deal Brexit could not take place before that point’. There is however only one way out of this debacle created by parliament’s refusal to carry out the result of the 2016 referendum that they authorised to decide on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Workers must organise a general strike to close down parliament to bring in a workers government that will leave the EU on October 31, and go forward in the UK to nationalise the banks and major industries in the UK, putting them under workers management to bring in socialism.

EU workers who are struggling against rapacious bosses and bankers will follow the example of the UK workers to bring down the EU, replacing it with the Socialist United States of Europe.