Take action to smash the ‘rigged’ capitalist system!


ON Saturday the Daily Telegraph disclosed to the world – ‘that moderate Labour MPs are plotting to undermine Mr Corbyn by staging resignations over coming months to force their leader to face repeated trials at the ballot box’.

There you have it. ‘Treacherous Tristram’ and his Blairite pals are setting out to stab Labour in the back by hopefully engineering a series of by-election defeats for the Labour Party, that will allow them to make another coup attempt inside the party to remove Corbyn, and split the party to unite with ‘middle ground’ Tories so as to remain in the EU, impose new anti-union laws on transport and public sector workers and carry on wrecking the NHS.

This crisis situation caused Corbyn to put up more of a verbal fight in his speech at the Fabian conference. Seeking to reflect the anger of millions of workers and youth in the north who voted to quit the EU, Corbyn declared: ‘Of course last year’s global political earthquake didn’t just come out of the blue. . . The people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride.

‘They’ve stitched up our political system to protect the powerful. They’ve put the country at risk by taking us into disastrous foreign wars. They’ve rigged the economy and business rules to line the pockets of their friends. They’ve slashed taxes on the richest – another £70 billion by 2022 – and cut pay and vital services for the rest. They’ve sold off our country’s assets and handed over public services to be milked by tax dodgers. They’ve piled up debt while failing to invest in the jobs and industries of the future. The truth is the system simply doesn’t work for most people.’

He added: ‘Hundreds of thousands of people live in a house which was built by the council but which is now owned by a private landlord who makes a fortune from housing benefit, charging rents higher than the council ever charged.’

So far so good. However, this account of the ‘rigged system’ and its thieving ruling class is in fact only telling people what they already know. They registered this knowledge with their vote to leave the EU.

They want to know what action Labour will take to get rid of this capitalist system and replace it with a new socialist order of society, continuing the work of the 1945 election that brought in massive nationalisation, the Welfare State, council housing and the NHS.

Corbyn thinks that it is enough to recognise how much the masses are suffering and how angry they are. In fact they want action!

It turns out that while Corbyn is willing to nationalise bankrupt private care homes and renationalise the railways, the heart of darkness, the big banks, the City of London, the big bosses are to be left intact!

Yet Corbyn had the nerve to state: ‘Labour under my leadership stands for a complete break with this rigged system.’ It doesn’t! You cannot build millions of council houses without the nationalisation of the building industry and the building land!

Corbyn pledged to leave the banks intact. Everybody knows that a new and major crash is coming. The big banks have to be nationalised and the bankers expropriated.

How can the NHS be defended and developed without the nationalisation of the drug industry to put an end to its outrageous 1,000% plus profits. If Corbyn wishes to help youth and mobilise them, he must abolish all student loans and debt and restore grants! However, it turns out that the rigged system has its heroes, among the big bosses!

Corbyn told his audience: ‘But many business people and entrepreneurs are increasingly realising that Labour has something to say to them as well. That the rigged system and a government that stands by is letting them down too.’ He is on both sides at the same time!

The masses will not be happy with just a recognition of their situation. They want action to change it and brexit was only the first of the many actions that the working class will take.

Now is the time to build up the revolutionary party to organise the general strike to bring down the May government and bring in a workers’ government and socialism! There is no other way forward!