SALUTE ABDUL HAROUN – The man that the tunnel could not stop!


ABDUL Rahman Haroun is a hero. The Sudanese national walked the full length of the Channel Tunnel (31 miles), dicing with death all of the way both from the trains, and from the electrical system.

He was arrested close to Folkestone after his eleven-hour march. Haroun has been charged with causing an obstruction to an engine or carriage using the railway and remanded in custody by Medway magistrates.

As far as News Line is concerned, he deserves a medal and the immediate granting of asylum, after showing tremendous determination and bravery to get to the UK. Meanwhile, the Little Englanders led by Cameron are arguing for more sniffer dogs, and a strengthening of the borders saying: ‘We have done a lot in recent days to improve the situation but there’s a lot more to do.

‘So we’ve got more fencing, we’ve got more police officers, more sniffer dogs, more guards, better security and we’re making progress. Myself and the team of ministers I’ve put in place, we will oversee these improvements and they will take place in the coming weeks and days.’

In fact, Cameron is one of the ‘mad bombers’ of imperialism that has forced these millions of refugees to take to the high seas. Haroun, 40, is due to appear at Canterbury Crown Court on 24 August to face an absurd obstruction charge.

The incident on Tuesday came as migrants made 600 attempts to enter the tunnel. In fact, there have been thousands of attempts to access the terminal at Coquelles in recent weeks, with nine people killed trying to get into the tunnel since June.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said 100 more guards would be deployed in the Eurotunnel terminal, following a meeting of the government’s emergency Cobra committee on Monday. He also announced a ‘much improved level of co-operation and collaboration with Eurotunnel’ and a UK Border Force and French police presence in the Eurotunnel control room at Coquelles.

It is estimated there are some 3,000 migrants in the Calais area and many are continuing their attempts to reach the UK by crossing the Channel. This, however, is only part of the story.

Millions of people have been given little choice but to leave the countries of their birth and embark on death-defying journeys across deserts and seas to seek a new home after the destruction of their countries by imperialist wars, fomented by the governments of the UK and the USA.

Labour was Bush’s partner in the ‘war of lies’, when the US and UK forces attacked Iraq and created the conditions for the country to be destroyed after its ruler Saddam Hussein was lynched by his opponents. They lied when they said that Iraq had wmds.

Millions of Iraqis were forced to leave their country as refugees while Al-Qaeda and IS terrorism emerged. In 2011, Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy organised the Libya coup when they bombed Islamists to power, and oversaw the murder of Colonel Gadaffi.

The country was destroyed and since then millions more have sought to leave it and make their way to Europe over deserts and across seas in leaky boats. After Libya, Cameron and Obama organised Islamists to smash Syria and now there are seven million Syrian refugees!

The imperialist criminals, the mad bombers responsible for all this, are now screaming that the migrants must be repelled at all costs, while the imperialist powers are still bombing their countries of origin. This is a criminal policy. Not only must the waves of migrants be welcomed, they must be seen as friends and allies in the struggle for a better and socialist world.

In fact, the working people of the world must take their fate into their own hands and organise for the victory of the world socialist revolution. This will replace the permanent wars and catastrophes of imperialism with a united planet whose productive forces are planned for the benefit of its people, who all contribute to society according to their abilities and take from it what they need.

The victory of the world socialist revolution is the only way out of the imperialist crisis. We must work for it with all of the force that we can muster.