Right wing Labour wants to make sure that the UK never leaves the European Union!


IN LAST Friday’s letter to EU President Donald Tusk the Prime Minister, Theresa May, made it very clear that she had surrendered to the anti-Brexiteer majority of MPs and Lords.

Without shame, the woman who began her campaign to carry out Brexit declaiming ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, wrote: ‘The House has, however, continued to express its opposition to leaving the European Union without a deal. The government agrees that leaving with a deal is the best outcome.’
Signalling a further surrender, May added: ‘This impasse cannot be allowed to continue … That is why the government has decided to take further action to seek a consensus across the House of Commons on the right way forward.
‘I therefore met the Leader of the Opposition earlier this week to discuss whether we might be able to agree a proposal that can be put before the House of Commons which allows the United Kingdom to leave the European Union with a deal.’
She further pledged: ‘We agreed follow-up discussions that are now taking place. I have also extended an open invitation to Members of Parliament more broadly to work with me to achieve a consensus that respects the result of the 2016 referendum …’
She added: ‘If the talks do not lead to a single unified approach soon, the government would instead look to establish a consensus on a small number of clear options on the future relationship that could be put to the House in a series of votes to determine which course to pursue. The government stands ready to abide by the decision of the House, if the opposition will commit to doing the same.’
This complete surrender is however not enough for the Labour Party-led opposition, who want guarantees that no future government will be allowed to undo this ‘good’ work and leave the EU.
Both The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph carried reports that the Labour-led opposition is demanding a ‘No Brexit’ dictatorship.
The Times says that: ‘Theresa May is preparing to offer Jeremy Corbyn a legally binding soft Brexit deal  with a ‘Boris lock’ that would make it difficult for a future Prime Minister to tear up after she leaves No10.
The Telegraph states: ‘Ministers are believed to be offering to enshrine into law a provision allowing parliament to set the PM’s mandate for the next phase of the negotiations – to give Labour MPs  confidence that any agreement would not be torn up by a successor to Mrs May such as Boris Johnson.’
Any such offer by May would be tantamount to agreeing a permanent EU dictatorship over the UK against the wishes of 17.4 million voters!
Meanwhile, Labour’s right wing is pressing Corbyn to insist that a deal must include an agreement for a referendum to support any Labour-Tory deal, that must have as one of its questions the issue of ‘Remaining in the EU.’
Already tensions are rising with the Cooper-Letwin bill to dump Brexit due to go to the  House of Commons today, providing of course that the Queen gives her  Royal Assent necessary to turn the bill into an Act of Parliament.
This will put the whole of the Remaining bourgeoisie, Labour’s right wing MPs, Remain Tory MPs and the monarchy itself into the joint opposition to the 17 million workers and middle class people who voted to ‘Leave’ and were assured by both Houses of parliament and the monarchy that their decision would be carried out!
Now is the time for the masses of people and all of the supporters of democratic rights to take action, and launch political strikes as well as mass demonstrations and a march on the Houses of Parliament to insist on Brexit.
It was Oliver Cromwell who showed what to do in this type of crisis situation, where the few, that is the ruling class, are barring the way to the majority. He shut down the House of Lords and purged the House of Commons and established a bourgeois republic.
Millions of workers and youth in the UK should follow this example and close down the Houses of Parliament replacing both with a workers council that will impose Brexit and develop the country by  establishing a socialist republic and nationalising   the banks and the major industries and putting them under workers’ management.
This is the way to carry forward the Brexit revolution and prepare the way to smash the EU and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe!