‘Remainers’ Take The Struggle Onto The Streets – An Example That Workers Must Follow At Once!


HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ‘Remainers’ marshalled by the likes of billionaire George Soros and other speculators set out on Saturday to try to create the conditions for a parliamentary coup against the 2016 referendum result.

This was when the masses of the people took advantage of a referendum, called by the then Prime Minister Cameron, and the then Chancellor Osborne to crush their euro-sceptics, to vote to leave the EU, sending a shocked Cameron and Osborne into early retirement, and dumping the UK ruling class into a first class disaster, completely of their own making, which they are having the greatest difficulty resolving.

A letter to every home introducing the referendum explained that parliament had voted to place the matter of EU membership into the hands of the electorate. It must decide ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ and parliament and the government would take their instruction from this referendum, and implement its result no matter what.

It was Lenin in Left Wing Communism who predicted that the British ruling class would make one great mistake that it would not be able recover from and would bring it down. This was the quality of the mistake that Cameron and Osborne made.

However, no ruling class goes without battling like fury for its survival. The Tory 1922 Committee, after the resignations of its leaders, swung into action to stop any new election to the Tory Party leadership, to make sure that May a ‘Remainer’ who remains a ‘Remainer’ would get the job of undermining the referendum result.

This she has done with some determination, ignoring the good advice of the ex-Greek Chancellor, Varoufakis, that the UK should walk out of the EU, and if not it would be involved in negotiations that would trap it deeper and deeper in the single market quagmire until it surrendered.

This is what has happened. May has talked and talked, and conceded and conceded. First of all a £39bn divorce fee, then a two-year interim period, and now a ‘back stop’ that will be permanent and see the UK remaining in the Customs Union for as long as the EU wishes.

This destruction of Brexit from above has now reached the stage where the Labour Party leadership is telling May that if she agrees to a permanent Customs Union it will vote with her government and keep her in office, in a new national arrangement. The Tory Brexiteers and others in the Tory Party want May out, but Labour will sustain her if she agrees to a Customs Union and complete surrender to the EU. Labour is prepared to see a ‘National Government’ to stay in the EU, rather than a Labour government.

What Saturday’s march has in fact done has transferred the struggle over whither the 2016 Referendum result onto the streets. The bold move of ‘Best for Britain’ and other big business groups to take to the streets to force through parliament a decision for a second referendum, must be matched by the 17-million plus that voted to ‘Leave’ organising mass actions, also taking to the streets, and organising a general strike to bring down the May government and bring in a workers government that will leave the EU at once and bring in socialism.

This will deal with the big business threat that if the working class does not kowtow to ‘Remaining’ it will be pauperised, by expropriating the bosses and bankers, and putting the entire economy under the ownership and control of the working class. This is the way forward out of the crisis that is gripping British capitalism.

The working class must show its power by taking to the streets, and organising a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a workers government that will quit the EU at once and bring in socialism, putting an end to austerity for ever.

Such a movement will spread like wildfire throughout the crisis-ridden EU, and lead to workers rising up to bring down the bankers and bosses EU and replace it with the Socialist United States of Europe. We urge workers and youth to join the WRP and the Young Socialists to rapidly build up the revolutionary leadership that the working class and its youth need to take the fight forward.

Come to our 49th Anniversary of the News Line Rally on November 4th where the issue of the crisis of UK capitalism and how to resolve it will be the principal issue!