Pensions conflict sharpening UK class struggle to explosion point


WITH its threat to bring in new anti-union laws, that will prevent all legal strike action by all trade unions in the UK, if the public sector trade unions take strike action for longer than 15 minutes on November 30th, the coalition is sharpening the class struggle in the UK to the point of explosion.

Hundreds of MPs are elected to the House of Commons with a vote many percentage points less than 50 per cent of their constituents – so it is to be one law for bourgeois MPs and quite another for trade unionists.

The coalition is absolutely determined to destroy public sector pensions as part of the sacrifices that the working class and the middle class are to be forced to make – to save the capitalist system – while the bankers and bosses continue to live in the lap of luxury.

The coalition is absolutely determined to do everything that is required to carry out this policy.

In the course of this, the coalition’s mask of acute concern for public security and safety is dropping.

The coalition is busy recruiting as many strike-breakers as possible for the 30th, particularly to keep the UK’s sea and airports open, using untrained strikebreakers.

The coalition maintains that security checks are absolutely vital, indeed the Home Secretary has sacked her senior official for allegedly watering down security measures without her permission.

Now there is to be no security at all on the 30th. It is to be an ‘Open Day’ for bombers. Obviously, alleged national security counts as nothing if it gets in the way of attempting to crush the public sector unions and destroying workers’ pensions.

The PM’s spokesman said yesterday that there was ‘no question’ large-scale strikes over pension changes would hit the economy, since more than two million workers are expected to join the action on November 30th.

The spokesman is speaking up after all of the horses have bolted, since the world capitalist economy and the UK economy were destroyed a long time ago by profiteering and speculating bankers and bosses.

As Cameron has admitted the economy is broken and production is actually set to fall.

The working class is determined however not to go down with the Titanic of British capitalism. Workers know that this is not a crisis of their making, a sentiment that even the Governor of the Bank of England agrees with and, further, that they have not the slightest intention of them and their children and their children’s’ children paying for it.

At a briefing on Thursday, ministers threatened that the strike would lead to a further loss of jobs, while they admitted that at least two thirds of schools would close, and although the British Medical Association and Royal College of Nursing are not taking strike action – some staff in hospitals will be on strike.

In fact, up to four million workers will be stopping work and most hospitals will be treating emergency patients only, with RCN and BMA members either taking part in the action or bringing greetings to the strikers.

The coalition has also said that it will not be calling on the army to step in. In fact, there are doubts that soldiers, many of whom told while they were serving in Afghanistan that they may be sacked along with their wounded mates, would be prepared to act as strikebreakers.

In Greece, troops have taken part in the mass demonstrations of angry workers.

Ministers consider that they must draw blood to satisfy the bloodlust of the markets, and appease the world’s bankers and speculators, to try and prevent UK bankruptcy.

Workers have the opposite interest. They must strike in their millions to show that they will not give up any of their gains and condemn the future generations to slavery.

In fact, the action on the 30th must be the dress rehearsal for an indefinite general strike to bring down the coalition and bring in a workers government that will carry out socialist policies.

Capitalism has reached the end of the road. It must be buried with a socialist revolution!