Greek Workers To Stand Trial


The Athens State Prosecutor ordered that 13 trade unionists, a pensioner and an unemployed worker who were arrested by riot police last Thursday morning are to stand trail on November 30 accused of ‘disruption’, ‘resistance to the police’ and ‘causing bodily harm’.

Among them is the president of the Greek Electricity Board (DEH) trade union Nikos Fotopoulos and several of t

The 15 were arrested following the armed riot police storming of the DEH Computer Centre which was occupied by workers in protest against the property tax imposed on electricity bills.

As he was brought to the Prosecutor’s Office, Fotopoulos stated that, ‘the Papademos government have started their work: that is to smash the labour movement and muzzle all voices of resistance. let them know that workers won’t give in; we will stand upright and fight to the end; and at the end it is us who will win.’

According to the DEH trade unionists’ lawyer, Dimitris Perpataris, the defendants ‘wish to be tried’ and ‘they won’t appeal if they are found guilty.’

Almost a thousand workers and students gathered outside the Prosecutor’s Office demanding the release of the 15.

Parliamentary deputies of the KKE (Greek Communist Party) and of SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) as well as the legendary Resistance leader Manolis Glezos, in his eighties, protested to the Public Prosecutor.

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Thousands more gathered all day Thursday at the DEH Computer Centre which is now under occupation by the riot police.