Obama and Cameron take just 40 minutes to dispose of the fate of millions


IN JUST 40 minutes of telephone conversation, imperialist leaders Obama and Cameron, on Saturday, decided the fate of millions of people in the Middle East, the Gulf and perhaps much further beyond when Cameron declared at the end of the conversation that he believed that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus.

Both leaders were ‘gravely concerned’ by the ‘increasing signs that this was an … attack carried out by the Syrian regime’, Cameron’s office said.

The two leaders took on the role of judge, jury and then executioner, after US Defense Secretary Hagel announced that US ‘military assets’ were now in place to carry out any option that Obama decided to order.

It is a matter of fact that the expulsion of 50,000 Kurds currently taking place in north eastern Syria, through a campaign of rape, burnings and torture by al-Qaeda has not even earned a rebuke from these two imperialist leaders.

Their sights are on Assad and the Syrian government and nothing else!

What is next is a massive and lurid propaganda campaign to try and force a majority in the UK parliament to vote for yet another bloodthirsty imperialist adventure in the Middle East, that is if Cameron decides to risk putting the issue before the House of Commons.

In fact, the imperialist powers are responsible for the carnage that has been and is taking place in Syria. For the last two years they have stopped at nothing to try to get rid of the Assad regime, as the first blow in their struggle to smash Hezbollah and attack Iran, so as to control the region.

The Syrian masses have however stood up to the butchery of the pro-imperialist mercenaries. This is why they are now playing the wmds card, as discredited as it is by its use in Iraq, to give them one last chance to smash Assad and strangle Hezbollah in the Lebanon.

To achieve this ‘victory’ warrants mountains of corpses, consider the imperialist powers.

They have now decided on a cruise missile assault on Syria to destroy its defences and what is left of its infrastructure, as they did in Iraq in the 1990s when they vowed to bomb it back into the Stone Age.

This missile offensive is to be run alongside a reinforcement and rearming of the pro-imperialist forces that are already in Syria and carrying out the chemical attacks.

However, such a blow at Syria has a logic of its own, and would have to be accompanied by an Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon to keep Hezbollah busy and try to destroy it.

Out of self-preservation, the Iranian masses and their revolutionary guards will have no alternative but to intervene while the Palestinian, Egyptian and Iraqi masses will not stand by and watch the slaughter. Oil and gas supplies will be cut off to Europe and the US as a matter of course.

Already, the Syrian information minister Omran Zoabi has warned that any US-led military action against the regime would be ‘no picnic. US military intervention will create very serious fallout and a ball of fire that will inflame the Middle East.’

On Sunday, Iran’s deputy armed forces chief, Massoud Jazayeri, warned the United States of the ‘severe consequences’ of crossing the red line on Syria.

‘The US knows where the red line of the Syria front is laid; and crossing Syria’s red line in any form will have severe consequences for the White House.’

Meanwhile, the Syrian government has denied any use of chemical weapons, while State television reported on Saturday that soldiers had found chemical agents in tunnels used by the rebels to the east of Damascus. In fact, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem had told his Iranian counterpart that Damascus was ‘co-operating’ with the UN experts and ‘preparing the opportunity for them to visit areas which have been attacked chemically by terrorist groups’.

Workers in the West must not allow the imperialist powers to step up the slaughter of the Syrian people. The TUC Congress, early in September, must pass an emergency resolution to fight any imperialist intervention into Syria by calling a general strike to remove the Cameron government.