No war with Syria – answer the £20bn of cuts by kicking out the Tories!


PM Cameron is due to drive forward Tory war plans both at home and abroad this week.

Today, he is meeting President Hollande to prepare the way for the UK to join France in a new crusade in the Middle East to overthrow the government of President Assad of Syria and to redraw the map of the region, so as to be able to rob it of its oil wealth hand in hand with their Saudi, Qatari and Kuwaiti allies, as well as with Israel.

On Wednesday, his Chancellor Osborne is expected to unveil in the House of Commons £20bn more of the most savage cuts that will hit the poorest the hardest and which even a number of Tory MPs are opposed to. He is as well facing the strike action of the BMA junior doctors who are fighting an attempt to dictate to them a wage-cutting, hours-lengthening contract that will make the NHS an unsafe service if it is pushed through.

It is in this situation of a developing uprising at home that the Tory leadership needs rescue. It is ISIS with its savage terrorist attack on ordinary people in Paris that has provided a way forward for Cameron. Once the bombs are flying anybody that resists savage cuts at home will be denounced as traitors who are aiding and abetting the enemy. Arm in arm with Hollande he will be seeking rescue from the rising class struggle at home with a major adventure – an attempt at armed robbery in the Middle East, financed by their Saudi, Qatari and Kuwaiti allies.

The latter three states just happen to be the financiers of Isis, and have been financing the war against the secular regime of Assad since 2011. What they have in common with Cameron and Hollande is that their enemies are the secular Arab regimes.

Al-Qaeda and the beginnings of Isis were banned under Saddam, then Blair and Bush came along to overthrow him and free the terrorists from Saddam’s prisons. They were banned under Gadaffi until the French and UK air-power, backed by Saudi money, bombed the Islamists into power. It is in the course of these reactionary wars that the refugee crisis erupted.

Now France and the UK are desperate to get back into the Middle East to stave off economic bankruptcy by grabbing a share of its oil wealth. For both Hollande and Cameron, Assad is the main enemy. Lord Dannatt, the former head of the Army, said yesterday that Syrian refugees in border camps should be armed, trained and returned ‘to fight for their villages, towns and cities’.

The UK and France are now moving to try and overthrow Assad, then their Saudi and Qatari mates will work out a deal for them with the Isis for the latter to be part of the new governments that will take the place of the Sykes Picot created Syria and Iraq.

Syria and Iraq are to be dismembered and divided up to the Gulf totalitarian regimes and Turkey, and of course Israel which wants to annexe the water-rich Golan Heights. For Israel, the current war had been a godsend. It has been allowed to slaughter Palestinians every day without a word of criticism from the UK or the US. As well it is about to receive $50bn in military aide to assist the US to tackle Iran that is now non nuclear as far as weaponry is concerned.

For British workers the issue is clear. The foreign policy of the UK, to smash Syria, to redraw up the map of the Middle East is an extension of the UK ruling class’s home policy, which is to smash the trade unions and the Welfare State and the NHS, to return the British workers to the 19th century!

There must be no war with Syria. British imperialism must be kept out of the Middle East. Cameron must be warned that any attempt to attack Syria will be met with industrial action by the trade unions. At home, the junior doctors struggle must be developed into a general strike to bring down the Tories, to smash all of their anti-working class legislation and to bring in a workers government and socialism.

Such action will open up the way for socialism in Europe and for the establishment of the Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and also as the capital of a Socialist Federation of Middle Eastern States from Cairo to Damascus and Baghdad.