No Return To Private Healthcare – It’s Capitalism That Is Broken Not The NHS!


THE NEW Health Secretary Wes Streeting’s first recorded words in office as Labour’s Health Secretary were to condemn the National Health Service, telling the media that the ‘NHS is broken!’

He can’t wait to get rid of the NHS and restore private medical care to make vast profits for big business.

He made the comment just one hour after being appointed as Health Secretary, and stressed that his assessment of the terminal state of the NHS was the Departments of Heath’s official policy.

He added that he will start talks with the medical trade unions next week on ending the junior doctors strikes. To end the strikes all he has to do is satisfy the junior doctors demands!

He continued that: ‘This government will be honest about the challenges facing the country, and serious about tackling them. From today, the policy of this department is that the NHS is broken!’

He stressed that the fault lay with the NHS as a system of health care stating: ‘That is the experience of patients who are not receiving the care they deserve, and of the staff working in the NHS who can see that – despite giving their best – this is not good enough.’

The fault allegedly lies intrinsically with the NHS as a system of care, that Streeting considers should be handed over to be looted by the private sector, to make billions of profits, as in the good old days prior to 1948, when a Labour government brought in the Welfare State, saving millions of people lives and providing a healthier future for generations of working class youth.

In fact, the electorate has reacted to the crisis-ridden Tory Party’s latest polices, from NHS-smashing to union-bashing, by slashing the percentage of the Tory vote to 23.7% leaving the once mighty Tory Party adrift with just 121 seats – a catastrophic disaster for the Tories.

Labour with 33.8% of the vote captured 411 seats, with the working class delivering a huge blow to the Tory Party. Labour is by far the biggest of the parliamentary parties. It has now, 411 seats in the House of Commons compared to 238 seats for the combined Tory, Reform, Liberal Democrats, Green, SNP and other parties.

In this election the working class has turned to the Labour Party, and given it its chance to fight for a socialist future. The question of the hour is which way the party will turn, to the left to go forward to bring in socialism in the UK, or to the right, to try to save the capitalist system from complete collapse by privatising the NHS and other services.

There is no doubt that the Labour Party leaders will set out to dump the working class by turning the NHS back into being part of the private sector, however much suffering this causes for the millions of the working class and the youth.

This is where the British working class must insist with its trade union leaders, that they must tell Labour that the House of Commons will have to finance a further development of the NHS as well as recognising the State of Palestine, and arming its forces so that it can defend itself adequately.

The UK working class is far more powerful than the out-of-date British ruling class.

In the UK, the working class must take the power with the trade unions taking the lead in general strike actions to carry through the British socialist revolution, that will smash the capitalist state and insist that all of the major industries are nationalised and put under workers’ management in a planned socialist economy.

Capitalism is an out-of-date system that must be consigned to the dustbin of history by the socialist revolution of the working class.

The time is here for the building up of the Workers Revolutionary Party and the mass Young Socialists movement to lead the British socialist revolution to its victory.

There must be sections of the International Committee of the Fourth International built worldwide to provide the leadership to carry through the victory of the World Socialist Revolution, to put an end to backward capitalism and bring in an advanced socialist society whose axiom will be ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their need[‘.

Join the WRP today. Forward to the victory of the British and World Socialist Revolutions!