Starmer’s Labour regime must be replaced by a workers’ government


Sir Keir Starmer is set to become the UK’s first Labour prime minister since 2010 after his party’s landslide general election victory. Labour is returning to office with a huge parliamentary majority of 174, following a complete collapse in support for the Conservatives.

Starmer will be formally appointed by the King at Buckingham Palace, and then make his first speech in Downing Street. He is then expected to begin appointing his new cabinet immediately, before it meets for the first time today.

There is no doubt that it will be a bourgeois government that seeks to resolve the crisis of capitalism at the expense of the working class.

Labour’s victory has come largely as a result of a dramatic 20 point collapse in Tory support, with the party down 249 seats to 119, a historic low, as the capitalist crisis deepens.

The Tories are so weak that despite Labour only increasing its share of the national vote by around 2%, the Labour party has won 411 seats.

The Tory Party is now on the rocks, while Starmer has the task of rescuing British capitalism from its crisis, by making the working class pay the bills.

What vote increase there was for Labour came entirely as a result of a 17 point increase in support in Scotland, where it has regained its status as the largest party, as the SNP slumped from 48 to just nine seats.

‘Sir Keir’ fought a cautious campaign in which Labour made no new policy pledges, but managed to largely retain the large polling lead over the Tories taking advantage of the UK workers determination to get rid of the Tories at all costs.

However, such is the revolutionary nature of the times, Labour also lost a number of former strongholds to candidates campaigning on pro-Gaza and pro-Palestinian platforms.

Shadow Minister Jonathan Ashworth lost his Leicester South seat, which had a majority of more than 22,000.

And shadow health secretary Wes Streeting – one of Labour’s most high-profile figures during the campaign – saw his majority in Ilford North slashed from more than 9,000 to just 528.

Workers voted for a battling Palestine and not Labour.

Starmer has meanwhile promised to launch a ‘national renewal’ across the United Kingdom to ‘get its future back’.

He is opposed to socialist policies and a socialist transformation of society. He wants to keep capitalism going at the expense of the working class.

The new leader has said that to make advancements, the work from now on was going to get ‘tough’. ‘Changing a country isn’t like flicking a switch. It’s hard work: patient work, determined work. And we will have to get moving immediately,’ he warned after the election.

To ameliorate UK’s dire economic situation, Starmer aims to make ‘wealth creation’ his government’s top priority to keep capitalism going.

During the election campaign, it was made clear that Labour Party leader Keir Starmer and Conservative Party leader Rishi Sunak are both complicit in the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.

Currently, the UK government has buckled under an exacerbated economic situation unmatched in decades, with Britons much worse off than before as economic growth has stopped, and living standards have declined amid a crippling cost-of-living crisis with hospital waiting lists that could last years.

Pro-Palestinian independent British politicians, Shockat Adam and Adnan Hussain have emerged victorious in UK general elections after defeating Labour Party candidates, a sign that the party’s stance on the Gaza conflict caused a rift among working class voters.

Adam, 51, defeated Jon Ashworth, the Shadow Cabinet minister for Labour, in the Leicester South constituency of the East Midlands during the UK general election, while 34-year-old Hussain unseated Labour’s Kate Hollern in the northwestern ex-industrial town of Blackburn on Friday.

He declared ‘this is for Gaza’ as he won the seat by 979 votes, after bagging 14,739 votes against Ashworth, who received 13,760 votes. Meanwhile, political novice, Hussain, managed to secure 10,518 votes, winning by the slim margin of 132 to Hollern’s 10,386 votes.

The organisation of a general strike to replace a Starmer- led capitalist government with a workers government that will stop arming Israel and start arming the Palestinians is the task immediately ahead.

There is not a moment to lose. Forward with the British socialist revolution and forward to the state of Palestine!