Netanyahu’s ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ – He Still Faces Criminal Charges And The Palestinian Revolution


ISRAELI Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has claimed a ‘huge win’ in a vote that challenged his leadership of the Likud party. Netanyahu secured 72.5% as opposed to his rival Gideon Saar, who polled 27.5%. Saar admitted defeat, saying he would now back Netanyahu in a general election due on March 2nd.

Netanyahu, aged 70, now faces trial on bribery and corruption charges, as well as a third national election within a year, after failing to win the first two.

‘Huge victory!’ Netanyahu tweeted. ‘Thank you Likud members for the vote of confidence, support and love. God willing and with your help, I will lead the Likud to a great victory in the upcoming elections and will continue to lead the state of Israel to unprecedented achievements.’

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz has however revealed Netanyahu’s desperate programme for victory. Speaking on the Israeli army’s radio on Thursday, Katz said that the Netanyahu regime would return to ‘the policy of assassinations’ against the leaders of Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.

Katz boasted that Israeli agents were already working to identify the Palestinian fighters that would be murdered in targeted killings.

At least 307 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since anti-occupation protest rallies began in the Gaza Strip on March 30 2018. Over 18,000 Palestinians have also sustained injuries, according to the Gazan Health Ministry.

The Gaza clashes reached their peak on May 14 last year, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe), which coincided this year with the US embassy relocation from Tel Aviv to occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds.

On June 13, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution, sponsored by Turkey and Algeria, condemning Israel for Palestinian civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip.

In March, a United Nations fact-finding mission found that Israeli forces committed rights violations that were war crimes during their crackdown against the Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

In fact, it is the Israeli racist regime that is fighting for its life, and is now staking all on getting the support of President Trump for some new military and terrorist atrocities to set the scene for March’s general election.

However, the crisis of Zionist Israel is deepening! The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has reported that Israel has halted Netanyahu’s plan to annex the Jordan Valley in the wake of a decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a probe into the regime’s war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Tuesday that the first meeting of an inter-ministerial committee on applying Israeli ‘sovereignty’ over the Jordan Valley was cancelled last week, hours before it was scheduled to start.

The meeting of the panel, chaired by acting director general of the prime minister’s office Ronen Peretz, was binned after it became clear that an ICC announcement of a full investigation into Israeli war crimes was forthcoming.

‘Because of the decision of the prosecutor in The Hague, the issue of annexing the Jordan Valley will enter a deep freeze,’ an unnamed source told the Israeli daily.

On Friday, ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said a preliminary examination into war crimes had provided enough information to meet all criteria for opening an inquiry. Israel fears the International Criminal Court will issue global arrest warrants for the regime.

The Israeli regime knows only one way out of this crisis, that is to create a mountain of Arab corpses in some new military terrorist adventure.

The UK and the US trade unions must now march forward with the Palestinian people. They must spell it out to Trump and Johnson that any US-UK backing for a Zionist military adventure, including a pogrom against the Palestinians, will see general strikes in the US and the UK that will remove their governments.

The US and UK ruling classes must be overthrown. This can only be done through socialist revolutions that see to it that the US-UK recognises the state of Palestine, stops arming Israel, and packs the Netanyahu leadership off to The Hague to face a war crimes tribunal.